Tata Value Homes had recently made headlines by being the first major housing firm to sell homes off retail websites. Amongst numerous other upcoming projects, Tata Value Homes has planned 2 major projects in Chennai. Even though both these projects are helmed by the same builder but they have been created for different segments of home buyers. Hence both of them have a variety of differences; a common place characteristic of all new projects in TVH.

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New Haven, Ribbon Walk

The Tata New Haven Ribbon Walk is an upcoming residential project in Chennai which is being helmed by Tata Value Homes. True to the spirit of Tata Housing, this residential project has been designed to offer not just houses but also numerous other amenities that would help the residents lead a healthy and fulfilling life within the housing society premises.

These Tata Homes have been designed in a futuristic manner. While the feature facilities of the project include modern amenities, the design lays focus on optimizing resources and creating spaces. The underlying theme of this project is the ribbon. The designers have envisioned the project to incorporate the free flowing spirit of a ribbon. There have been comparisons with the meandering flow of a river also. The New Haven project comprises of winding paths amidst green spaces offering the view of an adjoining lake. This signature style is to become a prominent part of the whole project and hence its name.

Courtyards thus created pave way for play areas/outdoor sports arenas/flower gardens/outdoor seating facilities. The facade of this Tata Housing project has been given a contemporary look. At the centre of this layout is the clubhouse which comprises of numerous amenities like gym, events hall, indoor games arena, massage parlour, swimming pool, business centre, day care services, library and even a seminar hall.

1 BHK and 2 BHK variants of Tata homes popularly feature in this project.


The Tata Housing project of Santorini derives its name from an island in Europe which is a stark reflection of traditional European lifestyle of that region. The project has been developed to offer the home buyers the Spanish lifestyle. It tries to infuse the spirit of family ties, conversations and interactions. Spread over an 18 acre area, Santorini comprises of homes created in Spanish designs. The Tata Homes in Santorini consist of accommodations which extend into gardens. The buildings are not sky scrapers here. Instead they are low-rises of four floors which allow ample availability of sunlight.

The sports enthusiasts can use the facilities like the jogging track, basketball D and badminton court. There are green walkways along with a green in the centre of the Tata homes. The automobile corridor and the electronics hub of Chennai are both within 20 minutes’ drive from these Tata Value Homes.

In Conclusion

The 2 aforementioned Tata Value Homes are amongst the most interesting projects of the Tata Housing Company. The Tata homes in these projects have been designed to offer variety and elegance thrown in together. A number of variants of Tata homes are found in all the Tata Housing projects. Variety is what makes all the Tata housing projects across the country so unique.


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