Pastry Push Review:Next Addictive Game After Flappy Bird

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I know that even the most addictive game, Flappy Bird creator removed all versions of Flappy Birds from all app stores, still many of us are having it on our phones and also they are available to sideload on our phones via various sharing/media sites but there are some new games coming to the market and one of them is “Pastry Push”.

We are going to review a addictive maze/puzzle type game named “Pastry Push”  developed by “ReFocus Lab” which is new for android users but not Blackberry and Windows Phones. Originally developed and designed for Blackberry & Windows devices, Pastry Push now available on Android devices too in play store.

About Pastry Push:

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The game uses simple swipe gestures to slide pastries along the maze with the objective of getting the pastry to feed Monster Moko in less moves. Using 3D graphics and a physics based environment, Pastry Push offers a unique strategy game experience. With 3 episodes and 81 levels, the game features hours of compelling gameplay and all new mechanics! Overall, this game got 4.5/5.0 rating in blackberry and windows phone market and without any surprise 4.9/5.0 in android play store!!!

In our testing and playing the game, we were having lot of fun and also sometimes we experienced some challenging moments such as grabbing golden cherry's and finally feeding Moko to unlock new content in few less moves! We need to solve the maze as a third person, with a bird eye view, in the shortest number of moves with Golden Cherries. A good thing that we liked that this game supports gamepad to play i.e, we can play it with a simple gamepad for  console like experience.

There are total 3 episodes with 81 challenging 3D levels and you can connect your account to Google Play Games to compete with your friends scores too. This award winning game is freely available on Google Play Store but not on Blackberry and Windows phone app market where they are selling it for about Rs.55/-(~$0.90) but still it's good game which will make your brain to workout about solving the puzzle!

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Some Features:

  • Swipe to slide
  • Unique 3D graphics and animations
  • Unlock over 50 in-game trophies and achievements
  • 3 seasons with 81 challenging 3D levels
  • NEW Obstacles, new challenges: Flamethrowers, portals, fans, timed cherries, trapdoors!
  • HD Support (Works on all Android smart-phones and tablets)
  • Gamepad support: Get a console like experience with you favourite gamepad.

How to get it:

Just go to your device's app market/store as like Google Play Store or Windows Phone App Market and find app named “Pastry Push” else you may remotely install it from following links:

Android Version | Blackberry Version | Windows Phone 8 Version


Pastry Push By ReFocus Lab is a new 3D puzzle and addictive type game with  awesomely fun, engaging, 3D physics too!
Have you tried it on your phone? If not then grab it from above links and let us know what you feel.

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