Parental Controls for Social Media: An Absolute Must!

Whether you like it or not, the modern day generation has become addicted to social networking websites. There are a ton of them already available, and then there are some in the pipeline that will surface soon. Most of the adults have found different ways to balance their social and digital lives, but the kids of today are finding it very difficult to find time away from these social networks. Parents of course have started to worry about their children’s addiction and can’t seem to find a way to stop them. This is where the need for parental controls like ShieldMyTeen comes in as they allow you, the parents, to keep tabs on almost all social networking activities of your children. By using such technology as a parenting aid, you will gain a lot of benefits, some which are outlined below.


Cyberbullying has become a huge issue, and with almost everyone owning a digital device nowadays, it’s very hard to get it under control. There have been countless incidents of cyberbullying where kids didn’t tell their parents what was going on with them, and decided to commit suicide because they just couldn't take it anymore. You as a parent have to understand that not all kids will be willing to share these kinds of incidents with you, and here you must seek help from parental control software. Quality parental control solutions like ShieldMyTeen come equipped with the feature that enables you to monitor all activities of some of the major social networking platforms. If you come across some conversation or a person who’s trying to harass your kid, then you can deal with them in a timely and safe manner.

Pornographic Content


Social networking sites have been created so that people can socialize with their friends, but friends, when talking to each other usually share content that should be avoided by the kids at younger age. Furthermore, there are spammers who post links to pornographic content on different groups and pages. Children, not being aware of what they are, click on them. All of this can easily be avoided if you use parental control apps because they come with wide array of options that allow you to monitor and block inappropriate stuff and pages with ease.

Bad Company

Kids don’t really have the ability to judge people straight away and this can put them at the risk of getting influenced by bad company at school. If their friendship with these children keeps on going, then chances are that they will start to behave like them sooner or later. An action is needed at this point and only you can sway them from it. Children listen to their parents, and if you make them understand the dangers that their ongoing friendship would bring, they will surely understand. Communication is necessary even if you have a parental control installed on your children’s phones.

Social networking sites are a great addition to the world of internet as they serve as an excellent platform to remain connected to friends, and also contain entertaining content that can keep you busy for hours on end. However, in the midst of all this, there is a dark side to social networks as well. With the help of parental control solutions, you can minimize the risk of your children venturing into the dark side and instead keep them in an area where they remain safe.

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