Paraphrasing Tool: How to Use Content That Isn’t Yours?

The internet is full of information on various topics, domains, subject areas and disciplines. Writers access various websites, portals, journals, gazettes and countless other information hubs. There are some rules for accessing content on the internet. Copying it is not permitted in any manner and writers should make sure that they rephrase the content in a complete way.


Paraphrasing the content is absolutely mandatory

Gone are the days when people used to read through books and extract information according to their needs. Today, if someone needs information on a particular topic, he searches for it on the internet and downloads the content. This does not mean that you can use it in the current form. The reason is that you have not created the content from the start so you don’t own it.

·      Understanding a paraphrasing scenario

Academic assignments act as the biggest challenge for students. If have started your college journey, be prepared for some challenging research submissions to come your way. The biggest hardship with these assignments is completing everything in limited time. Students have to analyze the scope of the paper and then search for information in accordance with that. When the information has been compiled, it would be rewritten to eliminate plagiarism. This is the series of steps you need to follow for using content that you do not own.

3 reasons why people face problems while paraphrasing

 It is not a simple task to read content and rephrase it. Usually people lose concentration when they read large content chunks. Here are 3 reasons why people face problems paraphrasing.

1.   Insufficient time

Writers always have to work with deadlines irrespective of type of content submission they are working. Article writers have to make sure that they submit posts on time. Similarly, a business report writer would aim at getting done with the final version before the deadline. It is an undoubted fact that paraphrasing is not an instant task. It takes time and most writers do not have it. Students who work on research papers have very strict submission dates. In the given time duration, they even find it hard to get done with the research tasks. Thus, paraphrasing is additional burden on them.

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2.   Lapse of attention

If you read through several lines, it would be hard to go through each line with complete concentration. To rephrase content without using an online software, a writer has to read each and every line with complete attention. After that, he needs to rephrase it and then perform a comparison with the actual source. Even the sharpest people lose attention while performing this task. In other words, concentration lapse is one of the major problems faced by people while paraphrasing. This can be a problem because whether you are working on an article or professional presentation, submitting content is simply out of question. Submitting a copied article would hamper your credibility level as a writer.

3.   Complete focus on research tasks

The most important principle of working on content is that the writer should focus on research work. People seek diversity and uniqueness whether they are reading a blog or social media post. A writer can only produce diversity if he has researched well enough. Going through one website or portal would not help at all in producing diverse content. Writers go through various portals, web pages and other sources to gather the material that they have to produce. Thus, it becomes quite hard to focus on rephrasing along with so much research work.

Use a good paraphrasing tool and get the best results

The only thing which matters in case of paraphrasing is whether it is up to the mark or not. The time spent on it simply does not matter. If you have spent 10 hours to paraphrase content and it still has problems, all the time has been wasted. A paraphrasing tool is actually a time optimized alternative to use content that does not belong to you.

·      Avoid unnecessary reading and rewriting

Why do you need to exhaust yourself with paraphrasing when better results can be produced with an online software? These tools do not take the same time duration as manual rewriting. Once you upload the content and click the paraphrasing button, rewriting would be completed on immediate basis. This is not as stressful as reading the content and then rewording it.

·      No worries about errors being ignored

If you are not using a paraphrasing tool, errors may be skipped. For instance, you may not read one or two lines and submit them without rephrasing. A plagiarism checker is a technological software so this would not happen if you are using one. Students who do not use a best paraphrasing tool are always surrounded by such issues. Due to deadline pressures, they try to complete the paraphrasing process in a haste. As a result, some portions are submitted without being rewritten. Using one of these soft wares is obviously a better option than going through so much exhaustion.

Summing it up

Plagiarism is a very serious issue and a lot of people face it due to lack of awareness. Other than that, they do not implement the correct strategy to deal with this problem. It is quite simple to produce 100% original content by using a quality online paraphrasing tool. The purpose of these tools is very straightforward. They rewrite content with complete efficiency. For humans, it is next to impossible to produce completely correct paraphrased content. Secondly, there is no need to do so.

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These soft wares save precious time for the writers as they only have to visit different online sources and perform content compilation. A paraphrasing tool would read the uploaded content and rewrite it. This is a lot more efficient that rephrasing each line by performing a contrast with the actual source. If you are working as a freelance writer, this tool would surely come in handy for you. Writers have to paraphrase content whenever they are working on an order. The use of this tool eliminates a lot of pressure for them.

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