You may be surprised by watching the title of article but it is correct in sense, as like you know your age i.e, how old you are, you may also know how old your ears too. In daily life we hear lots of voices, noise which may be harmful to ears and cause to loose your ability of hearing though. So, it is always recommended to test your ears on regular basis.

For this, you may have to go to your Ear checkup done by doctor but now it is possible to check them right now at your home without calling any doctor or buying any gadget. ASAP science has just introduced a quick hearing test-video on Youtube consisting of 1080p video and different voice frequency to check your ears hearing capability.

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This Youtube video recommends you to hear with a Headphones and 1080p full screen resolution on your Computer. As already described, this video is not a miracle as it just plays a series of tones at different frequencies with telling your ears corresponding age too. There are different levels played time to time or after few minutes to give time to decide yourself whether you can hear that tone or not.

So, what you are waiting for? Just play the following video and you are ready to go.

Just get one thing in mind that, for better results and accuracy, watch the video in highest quality with Headphones.

Finally, if you are able to hear all the frequency tones played in video then you are either a Superman who can hear very small sounds from far distance like a Superman can and if you can hear the right-frequency as per your age-group than its normal hearing capability you have.

Note: If you having any problems about Video showing here, you may simply watch it on Youtube too.



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