New MT6589M Chipset

Mediatek is domestic chipset manufacturer, they already released the quad-core processor through MT6589 chipset but now they are ready to unveiled their new MT6589M chipset !

Mediatek is preparing their new MT6589M chipset and ready to compete with Qualcomm. Since the Mediatek is offers low price but offers maximum performance for smartphones and tablet devices.

Mediatek is planning a big plan in the second half of this year is to take-all in mainland China in low-end mobile phone chip market.
With the price of mass destruction

Focused MediaTek chip specifications, and other details remain confidential, But in fact, MT6589M variant of the MT6589 can support a multimode WCDMA, TD SCDMA, and EDGE, but will be part of the functional specifications to come down, for example, MT6589 supports Full HD, but MT6589M only support HD and the maximum difference between the two is that the manufacturing cost. MT6589 and MT6589M on the wafer output, although all twenty-eight Nano, but former uses solder bump which bumps with studs process; addition, after the end of the bumping, MT6589 require the RDL, i.e. Line Re The fabric repair process, but MT6589M do not.

Will be avail at the November holiday sales tide

This article from the the MTK phone network