What Are The New & Best Features of Samsung Galaxy S5 [Review With Antutu & Nenamark]

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On May 23, 2014
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The Galaxy S5 is undoubtedly a great phone, but not everyone is ready to upgrade yet or get it for big price tag of about $700! But you may get hands on it when prices get slashed off and with some offer on it too.

Announced back in Feb 2014, Samsung Galaxy S5 is the best smartphone (technically but not w.r.t design). The features of Galaxy S5 are very different from previous galaxy phones as it comes with:

  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • Heart-rate Monitor Sensor
  • Full-Waterproof body
  • Ultra Power Saving Mode
  • Private Mode
  • 16MP Rear Camera
  • Toolbox
  • Download Booster

But most of the people not liked this new phone as its design was same as like old Note 3 and also not that much better as other manufacturers and pricing also was too heavy for an individual to afford it!


We are here to review S5, its new & best features as we really liked it (technically but we really don't like that old design):

Build Quality & Design:

Galaxy S5 is also same as like its predecessors, same plastic material and with new designed back panel! It possess almost same side design as Note 3 has but this time it's not that good but The new S5 is way lighter in weight than S4.


This time, S5's body is made water & dust resistant as most of the previous galaxy devices were having this problems with their handsets. The S5 offers the flexibility of opening the battery door and removing/replacing the 2,800 mAh battery and provides you slots for micro SIM card and microSD card with providing water & dust resistance!


As like Note 3, S5 also comes with USB 3.0 data syncing and charging port as it helps to charge quicker and transfers data much faster.



Galaxy S5 comes with a 16 MP ISOCELL camera which is capable of capturing of 4k videos. Ultra-fast focus with autofocus and bright LED helps you to take great snaps even in the dark. The device can record UHD and Full HD videos, however, the UHD can only record 5 minutes in one go and then you have to start a new recording to record more.

Camera app interface is also redesigned and makes it easy to use and easy to choose a perfect mode. Two new features are added with S5 camera app as: Selective Focus & Real Time HDR. With Selective Focus enabled, you can shot your photos with defining focus on particular object and defocusing other and with HDR enabled, the camera makes the best out of the low lit areas and bright lit areas, to give a compensated image with best output.



This time Samsung shipped this device with two Quad Core processors, one having 1.9 GHz and second of 1.3 GHz where Samsung claims that its different than its predecessor. But S5 comes with only 2 GB RAM where Note 3 is running on 3 GB but still S5 runs buttery-smooth and is capable of running multiple apps simultaneously.

Samsung Galaxy S5 features a 5.1″ Full HD AMOLED display with unique sharpness in quality. The brightness and color reproduction is way better than its predecessor, Galaxy S4. On the top, you have IR LED Blaster to control your any
tv or any set-top box with your smart S5. The new S5 comes with new sensor knows as “Heart-rate Monitor” which can show your BPM count by just placing your finger over the sensor.

Finger-print scanner is integrated below the home key with which you can use it as safety or as it is certified by Paypal, you can make payments to merchants but actually this feature will be none of use in country like India but may be beneficial in other developed countries.

The S5 comes with 2800mAh battery that would last for whole one day but it can be extended to few more hours or days with new feature called as “Ultra Power Saving Mode” with which S5 can standby for about 24 hours at 10% battery left as per described by Samsung.

User Interface(GUI):


Galaxy S5 ships with latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat combined with TouchWiz interface, but this time Samsung redesigned the icons, changed colors and done many changes in this version of TouchWiz interface. The icons used are simple, minimalist and round with use of bright colours that give it a very fresh “youthy” feel.

As like previous devices, this device too has 3 keys, one home key and 2 soft-keys but left soft key is programmed for recent apps and they removed it as “option key” while you can still long press the recent apps key to activate menu function. You will get all Samsung bloatwares/apps such as S-translator, S Note, Group Play,etc. Font is also a different one from the previous devices with very skinny but with excellent sharpness though.

Top Features of Galaxy S5:


Finger-print Scanner:

S5 comes with paypal certified finger-print sensor which can be used to make payments to merchants and also as safety measure. This is not a new feature but the way Samsung integrated was really futuristic and amazing as its integrated under Home button and scanning progresses with vertical sliding from up to down.

Heart-rate Monitor:

Heart-rate monitor is the next-gen sensor attached in Galaxy S5 which can calculate and monitor your BPM by putting your finger over the sensor but Samsung's own Gear Fit can constantly track your heart rate anyway without the need for pausing and pressing your finger to your phone!

Selective Focus & Real Time HDR:

These are the new and seems good features for the photographers as it can shot the photos with defining focus and defocusing of image parts (selective focus) and with good quality.

Waterproof Body:

Galaxy S5 is completely waterproof and dustproof to IP67 certification, which means 30 minutes underwater at three feet deep and it provides you a removable cover and battery too!

Ultra Power Saving Mode:

All Samsung devices are shipped with “Power Saving Mode” feature but in the new S5, there is new Power saving mode called as “Ultra Power Saving Mode” which can give 24 hours of battery life on only 10% of battery. When this mode is activated, all the system usually underclocks the CPU, turns off Bluetooth and WiFi, and may disable background data and notifications with turning screen as greyscale!

So, simply it becomes dumbphone as you can't connect to Wifi neither Mobile data but you can have access phone, text messages, calculator, and other small apps.

Private Mode & Toolbox:

Private mode can be used to hide your private pictures,videos,voice recordings and other files which gets disappeared from the Gallery after you turn Private mode ON.

Toolbox is a small 3 dot icon that hovers over your screen and it won't go to background even if you are playing game or anything and whenever you tap it, it displays 5 small list of apps which can be customised later.

Download Booster:

This feature allows for your phone to increase download speed by using both your current Wi-Fi network and your 4G LTE data connection but unfortunately few of the service providers disabled this feature to prevent customers from going over their data caps.


The Galaxy S5 is undoubtedly a great phone, but not everyone is ready to upgrade yet or get it for big price tag of about $700! But you may get hands on it when prices get slashed off and with some offer on it too.

If you want new camera feature with 16MP in rear and want some advanced features such as “Finger-print scanner”, “Heart-rate Monitor”, “Water Resistant Phone” then you might consider in your list.

The Galaxy S5 is undoubtedly a great phone, but not everyone is ready to upgrade yet or get it for big price tag of about $700! But you may get hands on it when prices get slashed off and with some offer on it too.

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