2013 has introduced us some new automotive technologies , now its time for a new change. Though some of the technologies that I am going to tell are not that new for you all, but the way in which auto companies are planning to use are. Today we present, an overview of some of the new automotive technologies we will see in 2014 that we got to know.

Traffic Sign Recognition:


The technology by which vehicle is able to recognize the traffic signal signs, e.g.- “speed limit” “turn left”, etc. It’s first appearance came in 2008 for redefined BMW7 series. Later on it effectively used in Europe market for Audi A8,Mercedes Benz S class, Ford Focus, etc. Combining the information from the traffic signal signs with the data contained in today's navigation systems, the car can replicate the speed limit right in the middle of the information cluster behind the wheel !

Internet Radio:


This is not the new automotive technology But new 2014 car models in Canada are using it in a different way! No need of picking up your smartphone, launching the related app and giving necessary instructions, These are situated directly on the dashboard which the phone’s internet connection.

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New data revelation: Using the data about your driving , the time when you starts or stops, and your speed variation , insurance companies can tell where you go even without the GPS system.What you need to do is, just install the tracking device in your car like Allstate and progressive  that can gather information about your driving and you are ready to go!

Semi- Autonomous Driving:


 Latest technology used in Mercedes Benz E class, allow it to take control at low speeds, following heavy traffic on curvy roads. If the driver is unintentionally crossing lanes the internal system will automatically correct the course thereby it will avoid accidents. The “driver assist” facility allow vehicles to park for us, steer for us and brake for us. When we are backing out, our car can alert us about the cross traffic. Moto companies are now interested in introducing this technology in upcoming hatchbacks so that middle class person can have its easy advantage.

Intelligent Braking:

 “Brake Hold” button featured in Acura’s new RLX sedan, keep the brakes pressed automatically. It is useful while waiting for that red light turn green, or when you are waiting near train lane to cross the train. You can call this intelligent braking as “lazy brakes”.

 Pedestrian Detection:


Being an essential and significant task in any intelligent video survelliance system, the technology is used by several Volvos. Identifies cyclists and pedestriances allowing collisions in urban areas, where such accidents often occur. Consisting of different approaches, this technology is very efficient.

1.Holistic Detection: In this, detectors are trained for pedestrians in video frame by scanning it. But the drawback is there may be disturbance in operation due to background fluctuations.

2.Part-Based Detection: Even though it is attractive one but it’s a difficult task.It consists of part hypothesis by learning local orientation features.

3.Patch-based detection: Consisting of a codebook, in which codebook entries are matched with local features. The system have to analyse comparatively smaller no.of images.

4.Detection using Multiple cameras: Name itself gives idea about its structure in which the ground plane is partitioned into non-uniform grid cells.Detector produces Probability Occupancy Map ( POM) giving probability of grids occupied by persons.

 Lane departure Warning(LDW):


One of the most popular tech In 2014, after study on this technology in 2009 by the U.S. NHTSA ( National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ), this technology is introduced for automobiles.  Most leading car manufactures are now offering lane departure warning systems in their new models.when the driver crosses a line without signalling first, these systems are used to alert him. The concept behind this is to address at the drowsiness at the wheel however, its efficiency is not much as expected where it consisting of two types, first in which vehicle warns the driver by visual effects or alarm bell if he is leaving the lane and second, when no action is taken up by the driver under certain situations.

 Parental Control:

This is for those parents who worry about their children’s driving and of course they should 😛 . Parents who are afraid their teen driver might speed or be distracted by playing the loud audio system can use Ford's new MyKey system to limit speed and volume. According to respective programmes, needed speed limit can be applied. It can also be programmed to start the alarms when the certain audio level is reached or when the seat belts are left unfastened. Also MyKey is offered in the recently released 2010 Escape Hybrid and Mercury Mariner Hybrid. But don't worry if you don't have a Ford vehicle with this technology, as installing a radar detector does the job in alerting drivers to slow down.

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With these many new technologies, upcoming cars will be known as “Supercars” which will change the living style of every one. What you think about these techniques ?

Image Credits: Google Images and Auto Blogs.


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