Starting a blog is not a big deal these days. In fact, if you want to do it for free then you can sign up with Blogger, who will give you a free content management system, free domain name and free hosting. The process is fairly simple for starting your blog, so here are a few tips for new beginners.

First Steps in Blogging:

Pick a topic or theme for your website

You need to figure out what your blog is going to be all about. You cannot simply start a blog with a general idea because you will quickly find it difficult to attract any sort of target audience. So, your first job is to figure out what your blog is going to be all about.

Figure out what your blog will be called

Now that you know what your blog is going to be about, you need to come up with a name for it. It needs to be something that is easy to remember, but that is also going to make sense with regards to your blog topic. Ideally, it should remind people of what your blog is all about.

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Come up with a good domain name and buy it

The domain name is possibly more important than your blog name. Because, it is going to have to be easy to remember, spell, talk about, and cannot be too departed from the theme of your entire blog. You will also need to make it original and make sure nobody has taken it already.

blog_first step

Buy hosting services that are suitable for your website or blog

This is true whenever you purchase hosting services. You need to make sure you are going to buy enough hosting space and bandwidth. A blog does not need a massive amount of hosting space, and will only need a lot of bandwidth if you are expecting a very high number of visitors.

Pick a suitable blogging content management system

There are a lot of them that you can download and use for free. Most of them are open source or come with a certain service, most of which are free. They often make their money by selling extensions (also known as plugins) for the content management system.

Find a blog scheduling tool

This is going to make it so that you can load up blog posts weeks in advance, and is also going to make it so that you always upload your blog at the same time every week, which is going to make it a lot easier for people to judge when they should visit your blog. It keeps your blog post in people’s minds too.

Install an RSS feed

This will allow people to see notifications for when your blog post has been uploaded, and is going to bring repeat traffic as a result. You may even have your blog scheduling tool do all the updating for you.

Plan your blog entries for the next three months

This is something that new bloggers should do because it stops the sudden burnout that usually follows the beginning of a new blog. It also helps to stop the blogger from using up all of his/her ideas in the first few weeks.

Plan each blog post before you write it

All you need to do is create a bit of a structure for your blog post so that your blogs do not drone on, or so that your blog posts do not start to become overly weighted in one area. You may also set up a template for your blog posts to be sure that each blog post is not different from week to week.

Create a Facebook fan page for your website

This is a very common blog promotion technique that you would be foolish to ignore since you can do it for free and it does not even take very long. Plus, it gives you one more free place to promote your blog posts every week.

Promote your blog launch on social media

Run as many blog promotional campaigns as you can on as many social media websites as you can. The social media networks are free to access and use, so you would be a fool to ignore such a plentiful (albeit under effective) method of marketing your blog.

Upload five blog posts onto your blog

When you first start your blog, you should really upload around five blog posts. This is because you are going to have people visiting your blog posts and having just one blog post is not going to keep them from leaving and never returning.

Install at least one picture on every blog post

This is just something you should do because there is no excuse for not having at least one picture to make viewing your blog posts a little more pleasant.

Final Words:

This will help you Ultimately in How to Start Blog and Populating it in Blogging World !


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