What Do You Need To Develop Your Own Computer Programme?

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Whether you’re building a new piece of business software, a video game or a mobile app, building a computer programme requires a certain number of tools. Here is what you will need to ensure that your computer programme is a success.

A creative idea

People won’t use your software if there’s already a similar programme out there on the market. Being original is key to the success of your software. Ensure you do a lot of research beforehand. It’s alright to have a few similar ideas to another programme that’s out there – just make sure you have a USP (unique selling point) that you can market when it comes to the distribution phase.

Coding knowledge

It’s possible to hire a team of computer programmers to do the whole thing for you, but having some coding knowledge may allow you to more effectively manage the process. There are many tools online such as Scratch and Codeacamedy that can help you learn the ropes. You’ll have to choose a language and put in a lot of hours of practice, but eventually it will become easy and you will be able to start experimenting and coming up with solutions to problems. Having this knowledge will allows you to get more heavily involved in the development process and better understand parameters.

A team of fellow programmers

You can design a programme all by yourself – if you have the time. Because writing a modern programme can be so time-consuming, many will get the help from either friends with coding knowledge or a group of freelance professionals. You can then each allocate tasks to get the programme completed in less time.

Management software

You and your team may be working from different locations. Having management tools can help organize the project and have you all on the same page. You’ll need some kind of programme for fast communication – either an instant messaging service or video chat software such as Skype. You’ll also need some form of test management such as QASymphony to oversee the testing phase and prioritize bugs to fix. Also ensure that you have written a design document that everyone has access to, allowing everyone to follow a step-by-step guide of what to do, ticking off tasks once they’re done.

A testing focus group

Once your software is complete you will need to test it for bugs using a testing group. This will involve hiring people to test out your programme and try and ‘break’ it. This could be family and friends but it may be worth hiring some professionals that know where to look for bugs. Many software developers will have two stages – an alpha testing phase and a beta testing phase. The alpha testing phase should be towards a small focus group, whilst the beta testing stage should be aimed at a larger focus group. Many companies will publicly release their software as a demo for people to try out as a form of beta testing, before polishing it up and selling it as a final product.

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