There is no escaping it, the way forward is mobile gaming, and it makes complete sense. What better way to get engrossed in a game than to have it wherever you go, we've seen the impact the Pokémon Go did with mobile apps, it shot into the stratosphere. And while this was ingenious at mixing the real world with the gaming world, what other games are there that aren't particularly involved in real life, but are so incredibly addictive nonetheless? In other words, what are the best games that will waste your life, but in a good way? Let's have a look.

Alto's Adventure


Already very popular, it's a game where you need to ski down a hill. But you need to avoid obstacles and collect coins, and also you need to rescue llamas for some inexplicable reason. It's very easy to learn how to play, and it's a fantastic way to waste your life if it's snowing outside! Who wants to play in the snow anyway when you've got Alto’s Adventure on your phone in the comfort of your own home?

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire


Released in June, this is an extension of Final Fantasy XV and features the characters and the soundtrack from the original game. It's a great strategy game, where you build a base and mine resources to upgrade structures. Also, you will train armies to defend yourself. In addition, you can join what is called a Guild, where you can purchase items to help aid your gameplay as well as take part in individual quests. You can check out the game on, and is free to download. As part of the Final Fantasy universe, it's another way that you are going to get addicted and enthralled in the gameplay.



Addictive games don't require vast universes, this game is a standard puzzle where you play the role of two paintballs (yes really!). And you have to rotate the balls around platforms that are falling so you can reach the end of the level, but if you fail, your paints will splat on the platform. Simple to play, but ridiculously addictive. It's never made watching paint a more exciting activity!

Fallout Shelter


Released in 2015, it was one of the best free Android games that year, the idea behind the game is to create an ecosystem by building shelters and taking in survivors. Obstacles you have to face includes fires as well as your typical villains, but even though it's a standard builder simulation type game, it's still an addictive play.

Clash Royale


Clash Of Clans, of course, made waves, but Clash Royale is still one of the most popular games out there. The idea is to duel, where you can get cards and use them in the battle as well as being able to create cards and fight people. It's also possible to form Clans with different players, and have private duels. The diversity is what will keep you coming back for more.

NOVA Legacy


First-person shooters can feel a bit clunky on your mobile, but NOVA Legacy is ahead of the pack. It's got some great graphics and is easy to maneuver, in addition to this there are options like multiplayer mode online as well as an engrossing story. Definitely, a good choice if you like shooters.

Exploding Kittens


It's not what it sounds like! It's actually a card game. You draw cards until somebody gets the exploding kitten card, and if they're not able to do anything about this card, they lose the game. This goes on until the last person standing wins the game. You can invite people to play the game as well as play online, and a round is over in a matter of minutes. There is no messing around.

Super Stickman Golf 3


If you were insanely addicted to the first two, Super Stickman Golf 3 (which you can find at is very much more of the same but harder. The courses are weirder, the power-ups are more powerful, and you will keep coming back to this game again and again, if only to beat your last par. It is incredibly addictive, but it's also incredibly frustrating! Make sure you set aside an afternoon to beat your previous score and unlock extra courses.

There are some terrible ways to waste your life in this world, but picking a good mobile game isn't one of them, so try a few of these out, and see which one floats your boat. Or maybe you will love them all, and never leave the house!


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