Microsoft Windows 8.1 Preview is Coming Soon and Offering Variety of bounties for finding bugs and Security Flaws in Different Softwares.

First Bounty Programs to launch on June 26th which is Windows 8.1. Microsoft will pay upto $100,000 USD to hackers who will find Bugs and Exploitation Methods.In this way,Company is More Serious to Launch New Windows 8.1 without any hassles.

Plus,If a User can create a Defensive Technique for the Win 8.1 Security flaw ,MS will pay upto $50,000 USD.

windows 8.1 preview

And Finally,Microsoft is offering upto $11,000 USD for those who can find Critical Vulnerabilities within Internet Explorer 11 as this Latest Version will be released with New Windows 8.1 Preview.The Time Limits for this IE Program is Scheduled as June 26th – July 26th.

For more Details about this Program,Get Here.

Are you ready to go Security Bug Reporting?

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