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There is hardly an easier money making method online than writing a blog, building your audience, and monetizing it. Of course, the biggest challenge for any blogger, experienced or not, is maintaining the quality of the content and being consistent. Not being active for a period of time causes quite a drop in traffic.

However, once you get past a certain threshold and see that the number of unique monthly visitors is decent, you should be looking for a way to start making money. There is a plethora of different methods available, and if you have not had a chance to look for them yet, this article will be a great place to start.

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Dropshipping and Print on Demand 

E-Commerce has grown so much recently that one cannot help but wonder whether there is still room in there. The answer is definitely yes. You have so many markets that are yet to be filled as well as new products coming out every year.

You could also try something a bit different – print on demand. Since there are so many individuals who want custom-made merchandise like t-shirts, selling to them is not that difficult. Starting print on demand by Printify is a good way to get things rolling, and if you are persistent, your blog visitors will be more than eager to purchase stuff related to your brand.

Affiliate Marketing

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Putting too many affiliate links might not be the best idea since it really makes your content look spammy and not genuine. But if you are careful and come up with a system that works, then there should not be any problems with affiliate marketing.

The best part about trying affiliate marketing these days is having so many great affiliates you can work with, even if you are in a very narrow niche. Finding products or services is easier than ever, and even if you are struggling a bit, you can always rely on the powerhouses in Amazon, eBay, and ClickBank.

Sell Digital Products

One of the most popular trends among bloggers today is trying to sell their own creation rather than advertising something from others. And nothing sells quite as well as digital services and products. Since you can access it immediately, without having to wait for physical delivery, it is completely understandable why e-books, apps, themes, plugins, courses, photos, or even music is becoming a source of income.

But before you commit to selling digital stuff, make sure that everything is related to your blog as well as something that is useful for your readers. Quite a few bloggers fall in the trap of thinking that they can sell pretty much anything since there are numerous demographics that visit their website.

Build Your Brand

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A blog is a good platform to start building your credibility and brand. If you are looking to rely on that in the future as well, you will want to become as recognizable as you can. So while not directly, a well-established blog will bring you a lot of riches in the future. You can move on to social media websites like Instagram, Facebook, or start making videos on YouTube. Or, if you are really good at writing, becoming a successful author is also a possibility.

Sell Guest Posts

Other bloggers are also looking to establish themselves in whatever niche they are working on, and one of the best methods to do that would be getting published on a well-known blog with a lot of readers.

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Inviting others to pay you money for a guest post opportunity is quite common, and the more established your blog is, the more you can charge for each entry. Of course, you have to take care of quality control so as not to publish something that could lead to copyright problems and so on.

Run a Patreon Page

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Whether you want to admit this or not, quite a few users online are sticking to ad blockers so there is very little merit of running ads on your website. Thus, it is probably better to start a crowdfunding page on Patreon or a similar website. This has become a common occurrence among YouTubers as well.

Instead of bombarding your visitors with ads and slowing down the loading speed and reducing other metrics that do not reflect that great on your site, offer your fans an alternative to support you.

All in all, a blog opens a lot of doors for everyone who is looking to make a living from it. It might take some time before things start rolling, but once they do, you can be quite confident about your financial situation. Finally, you can always combine a couple of methods at the same time and increase profits even more.

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