Opinion is divided about the Kindle, so this article goes through a few of its good, bad and ugly qualities and then goes on to explain why e-readers such as the kindle are good little tools for reading.

 It is a good e-reader

kindle reader

 The Kindle devices are not bad e-readers. It is possible to get far worse e-readers, albeit at a far smaller cost. If you are looking to get an e-reader then do consider a Kindle, but first read this article and a few reviews before you pick which one you want.

 The first Kindles had serious faults

If you look at the Amazon reviews of the first kindles you will see that a lot of people had trouble with their Kindles. There are still bad reviews on there now even though it is obvious that Amazon have been purging the reviews every few month (because a few too many reviews have disappeared). The major and recurring fault is that the device freezes up and never works again. Many people say how they never banged it or how it never got wet. They say that it simply froze up and because as lifeless as a brick from that moment onwards.

 The Kindle Fire is hated more than it is loved

This is a point that some should take into consideration. The Kindle Fire was the device that followed the less popular first version of the Amazon e-reader. The kindest criticisms were that it was uninspired, but they range from it being a piece of junk that is easy to break, to it being too functionally limited.

For some reason the Amazon Kindle Fire had a similar lifecycle to its older version. It started out very popular but then died off in popularity as people started to complain about it. Many said the original kindle fire felt more like an experimental piece they had released in order to make some money back.

 Are all the Kindle Fire versions unaccepted?

kindle a

 Out of all of the Kindle devices so far there has been very little criticism of the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9. It is the most expensive kindle of them all, but very few people have been able to find a genuinely plausible fault with it. If you have the money to spend then the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 is the best one you can buy.

 The Kindle Paperwhite should be loved more than it is

Whilst going on about the Amazon kindle, a shout-out for the Paperwhite is required. It is a good device and is far better than it looks when stacked up against its other devices. The fact that it has a white screen, is reliable an easy to read makes it a clear winner (even if the bigger reviewers do not think so).

 You can sit back and enjoy your reading

This is one of the biggest benefits of having an e-reader. You can just sit back and read in comfort. When you read from a desktop screen you have to lean forwards. It is uncomfortable and becomes different to maintain after a long time. The kindle e-reader allows you to sit back in a chair or in bed and read away.

 It is better than the e-readers that go yellow

There are certain e-readers you will see on eBay that have grown a yellow tinge to their screens. These sorts of problems tend to come out once the tablet has been in circulation a while. At least the modern Kindles are not turning yellow after a few months.

 It does have all the touch screen extras that cheaper brands don’t have

If you do buy a very cheap brand of e-reader then it will do the job but you will lose the little comforts such as touch screen, animations and multi-touch.

It is of a reasonable enough size to be comfortable

kindle covers

If an e-reader is too thick or too big and heavy then it becomes very difficult to hold for long periods. Many modern e-readers are sized in a way that makes them easier to hold, and the kindle is one of those many e-readers.

 You can store a library on your tablet

This is a very good point that does seem to elevate an e-reader over paper books. Those books may be easier on the eyes when it is time to read, but books can get heavy. With an e-reader you are able to load many books onto the device and it will hold them all without making you carry the books around with your in a big bag.

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