Sometimes we get some videos in our PC which are corrupted or damaged. It’s your good luck if you had not faced this sort of inconveniences. Most of the times we see this sort of corrupted files or damaged files in Old Disks. In this case, I will introduce you with a software which can repair and play these corrupted or damaged video files. I can assure you that it will work about 90%. This software can repair and play the files normally. Let’s see the whole tutorial.

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First of all download the software from the link below.

Downloading the software you may install it. If you are using windows7 then it will show a security warning at the time of installing. Please see the following screenshots for installing purpose.








Now you have successfully installed the SMPlayer 0.6.9

Now run the SMPlayer.and keep it minimized.





If you have any sort of corrupted video files or damaged video files, first try with your default Windows Media Player.


But you will see an error like this.



Now try this video file with your VLC media player. But you will see, VLC will fail to repair it.

Now open your SMPlayer. You may easily run any sort of corrupted movie normally without any sort of problems.






Now see, the video file has been repaired without any sort of errors.





You may also take screenshots of the running videos instantly with this software. The screenshots will be saved on the is directory:  C:UsersSample User Name.smplayerscreenshots.





This software will provide you and opportunity to download videos and subtitles directly. Just Click on the find subtitles on Find subtitles on .


It will generate some good video links automatically.



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