With so many consumers seeking their next landscaping services provider online, your landscaping website must be up to par with industry standards and rank outstanding among local competitors. Integrating all of the proper elements into the design of your website’s homepage can be difficult to perform but upgrading the appearance and the presentation of information and images is an absolutely necessary investment in your online presence. Consider these 10 ways to improve your landscaping website’s homepage and get the consumer attention and sales you deserve.


1. Seek Mobile Optimisation Immediately
If your landscaping website cannot be seen clearly on a mobile device, you have a serious problem on your hands. Statistics suggest many consumers will attempt to access a company’s website on their smartphone, tablet, or laptop, so the mobile optimization of your website is paramount. If your homepage looks terrible on mobile devices, you may be scaring away the consumers that you want to attract to your business. Forbes declares that developing a mobile-first approach is essential to meet the changing needs and preferences of typical modern consumers.

2. Include a Company Slogan and Logo
Any epic landscaping company should use an attractive, original logo and catchy slogan. If your logo looks poorly designed or your slogan seems shifty, it can mislead consumers into misjudging the quality of your landscaping company. The Balance Small Business declares that a memorable logo and catchy tagline is key to branding your company online. It is important to proudly display your slogan and logo on your homepage to reinforce your brand positively in the public eye.

3. Embed the Appropriate SEO Keywords
If you want people to discover your landscaping website’s homepage in popular search engines, you must include the appropriate keywords. Integrating a solid headline and strong introductory copy that includes powerful keywords can do wonders for creating an effective design that draws more consumers to your homepage. Long-tail keywords are recommended to increase the odds of your company ranking higher in search engines. When someone types in a request for local landscaping services, you want your company to be as close to the top of the list as possible, so be sure to include a list of services that consumers may type in as keywords as well. The Smart Service Dispatch declares that you should consider extending your service season and use seasonal keywords so that local citizens who are looking for landscaping services year-round can land on your homepage.

Any landscaping company that serves a specific geographical area must make it clear to the consumers that are searching for help. Getting requests from people who are in another state or halfway across the country is frustrating, so ensuring that the service area is clearly defined on the homepage can help your company to zero in on your target population. In addition to using keywords on your homepage to draw in consumers from a specific region, you may want to include a small map that allows consumers to see the primary area that your company is happy to serve.

4. Display Company Contact Information Clearly
There is nothing like attempting to find a company’s contact information embedded within a website, and not being able to. Although it is recommended to have an additional page on your website with company contact information, never neglect to place it on the front page as well. The fact is, consumers do not want to strive to find a way to contact your landscaping company. Your contact information should be on your homepage and include a valid phone number, the company’s address, and an email address for consumers.

5. Include Beautiful Landscaping Photos
What is a landscaping website without the integration of gorgeous landscaping photos? If you really want to impress consumers, you can include high-resolution before and after photos side-by-side for properties that were particularly transformed by your landscaping company. Adding a variety of lovely images on your landscaping homepage allows you to sell your services more easily, and lets the landscaping images display your company’s level of skill and sophistication.

6. Minimize Background Designs
Keeping the background of your homepage simple and allowing the beauty of your landscaping photos to stand out is key. However, busy patterns or overly colorful background designs can actually distract consumers from admiring the beautiful landscaping service photos you present on your homepage. Keeping your background color a simple shade of blue, green, beige, or white can work well for a landscaping homepage.

7. Share Customer Reviews and Feedback
Consumer reviews carry more weight than ever and companies that obtain positive reviews and make them clear for consumers to see make the promotion of our company even easier. One of the first thing that many consumers do is search online for reviews to evaluate the experiences of your former customers and determine whether or not they want to pursue your landscaping services. You can encourage customers to submit honest reviews that can be proudly placed on the front page of your website.

8. Add an Attractive Call-To-Action Button
On the homepage of your website, if you use a call-to-action button that leads to an information form, you can improve conversions on your landscaping website’s homepage. Call-to-action buttons should stand out, be large enough to see, and contain a short phrase that encourages consumers to click and submit their contact information.

9. Organize Every Element On Your Homepage
A homepage that appears over packed with tons of info in a frustrating format can scare potential customers away. Anything that you choose to add to your homepage and all upgrade attempts must be carefully planned and organized for consumers to easily find the information they need. For many people who are not technologically adept, trying to design a well-organized homepage that is easy to navigate for customers can be daunting. A professional web designer can deliver this service and harmoniously integrate great homepage elements on your landscaping website.

10. Integrate Live Social Media Updates
Many business websites include a live social media feed. People of all ages are responsible for maintaining the landscaping on their property, and there is an endless supply of consumers who may be directed to your homepage through social media outlets. Clients who see social media links on your homepage may decide to befriend your company or choose to share their experience on social media. In addition, positive posts and reviews shared on social media can boost the popularity of your landscaping company and drive higher traffic to your homepage.

It takes time to construct the ideal homepage for your landscaping website, but the effort and money you invest will be well worth it when it comes to impressing and retaining customers. Integrating as many of these features as possible on your homepage will allow your landscaping company to truly shine online. In addition, be sure to earn or build backlinks from reputable entities to increase the SEO ranking of your homepage. If your landscaping company has earned any service awards or ranked highly by authority review sites, be sure to include your badges on your homepage to add greater credibility to your company.


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