Amazon´s groundbreaking product, Amazon Fire Stick, has truly revolutionized the world of Home TV entertainment. The Fire Stick is affordable, extremely fun and easy to use, and also boasts of several amusing, free apps that can be accessed through Amazon's Appstore. If you already own one, here are some good Firestick Apps to help you get started!



The open source application can be downloaded on your Amazon Fire Stick for free! The application allows you to listen to music and watch various TV shows. It also lets you share your pictures and images on any other screen or digital album from your personal slideshow itself!

Terrarium TV

The Terrarium TV works as a third-party app for Fire Stick and it boasts of a massive collection of TV shows and movies in HD quality. The app always seems to have fresh content and updated lists. It also helps that the user interface is very convenient and easy to use, proving to be particularly beneficial to the technologically challenged.


Although Netflix is a paid service, it is still arguably the most widely used platform for TV shows and movies. It certainly helps that the content on Netflix is updated regularly. Trust us when we say this—you´ll never get bored of Netflix. Why do so many people binge watch Netflix? Get it and find out for yourself!


Created by Sony Entertainment, Crackle functions as a video streaming service app through which you can watch numerous award-winning movies and TV shows without a problem. You can download it to your Fire Stick for free!

Pluto TV

Are you tired of watching the same content continuously? If so, you should consider downloading Pluto TV. Pluto TV works as a live TV, providing hundreds of live channels for you to choose from.


Are you a huge admirer of Japanese anime and Asian entertainment? If you are, we would strongly recommend you to download Crunchyroll. There are more than 25,000+ episodes of different Anime series on the platform!


If you intend to enable Fire TV apps onto your preferred device, you should download the app, Downloader. Basically, this app allows you to directly download APK files from the internet. It then installs the files on your Fire Stick.

Mouse Toggle

As its name suggests, this app helps launch a mouse pointer which allows you to easily navigate through the files on your Fire Stick. You can control it using your remote´s D-pad.


Through VLC, you can watch content saved on another local device using your home network. The VLC player also serves as a third-party video player that helps display illegal content. It would be foolish of you to not download VLC Player.


Do you enjoy watching sports? Well, if you do and don't want to spend a pretty penny on streaming services and pay-per-views, you should download the app, Mobdro. This app can only be downloaded from Mobdro´s official site.


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