Kickstarter Special: Precision Gyroscope by Manuka Makers

In previous time, we introduced kickstarter's Flowton Digital Device which is getting good responses and support too, Now we have some new and not seen anywhere project known as “Precision Gyroscope” made by Manuka Makers.

precision gyroscope 2

This project was pledged of $19,000 goal and got huge response worldwide. Now 5 days are remaining to back this project or support them if you want to.

If seen actually this is like mysterious object you will see that appears to defy gravity and all will be amazed with this beautiful thingy! The gyroscope is a mysterious object with which by just spinning a disk it can balance serenely on a pinhead defying our perception of gravity. Usually gyroscopes are used in all sorts of things from spacecraft navigation to mobile phones, but many people know them as a plastic toy for kids only as this is fitted inside the devices!

precision gyroscope colours

People who are in touch with this awesome invention are amazed including scientists, kids, and all but this was not done certainly where many prototypes were tested before finalising the final model of gyroscope.
This is machined from aircraft grade aluminum and solid brass where creators managed to give super finishing and levelling of product. Each gyroscope is anodized and available in six different colours.


Each gyroscope will come with a Kevlar pull string and ergonomic machined aluminium pull handle. This allows you to spin the gyroscope up to a really high speed which is important for some tricky things. The slot in the handle allows you to neatly wrap and handle it carefully.

precision gyroscope kevlar

For the simple display showoff, it comes with display stand with a notch in top that allows to perform some things with gyroscope. Manuka makers team doing this all things in very attractive manner which will deliver you the best of best in your hand after you order it. You may see all specifications and more information on this kickstarter's page.

You may back your own Precision Gyroscope and may get chance to try it first here also if you have any difficulty or any questions please have a look at FAQ section.

Finally, we will say that there are lots of things coming in revolutionary way which are beyond your thinking limits!

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