Is It Permissible To Purchase YouTube Views?


To date, YouTube has become the 2ndmost used search engine in the world. And you all probably know who beat them in the competition – Google. Although YouTube and Google are both classified as search engines, they still cater to different audiences. Google is a text-based search engine while YouTube capitalizes on video materials. Nonetheless, they fulfil the same purpose. To provide people with the necessary information they need the best way they know how.

Being ranked as the 2ndmost popular search engine in the history of the internet, YouTube has garnered the attention of many users and – wouldn’t you guess – entrepreneurs. Businesses of all kinds view YouTube as a promising platform to market their products. After all, roughly 65% of the population are visual learners (see reference). What better way to tap almost two-thirds of the world’s buying market than create appealing product marketing videos? YouTube is an eye-catching opportunity for people who mean business – especially because most of its services are free of charge.

Moreover, it is not only businesses that see the golden break behind the world’s second biggest search engine. “Solopreneurs” and freelancers also eye the unsurmountable opportunity that YouTube brings. People have this common desire for financial freedom. Luckily, YouTube offers an irresistible chance to get a shot at that kind of life.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing through vLogging is only one of the many online opportunities made possible by YouTube.  It is when a certain product or company agrees to pay a YouTuber a considerable fee, in the form of commissions or salaries, when he or she promotes the said (company’s) products in his or her YouTube videos. There are many ways a YouTuber can go about this process, for example:

Say, our YouTuber is a reputable female makeup guru online. A cosmetic company may try to get in touch with this YouTuber and offer her an Affiliate Marketing contract. The YouTuber will most likely receive her own Affiliate Marketing account which she may use to track the subscribers whom she successfully converts into active product buyers. For each subscriber she converts, she will receive a corresponding commission fee. This means that by simply using and advertising the product in her makeup videos, the YouTuber can earn extra cash on the side.

And mind you, this “extra cash” can sometimes even buy someone a new house.

The commissions a content maker may receive in Affiliate Marketing may not seem too big when viewed individually. But when you try to see it on the macro level, it’s a profitable business that can earn you a year’s pay check in a month’s time. Ultimately, whatever the Affiliate Marketer manages to earn lies heavily on the effort she invests in selling or marketing the product she is assigned with. It would also depend on the amount of influence the marketer has over YouTube subscribers.

Learn YouTube Affiliate Marketing through this YouTube video:

Who Can Be An Affiliate Marketer?


As a general rule, anyone can be an Affiliate Marketer as long as they fulfil these two requirements: (1) He/she must have considerable influence over a specific industry or niche; and (2) he/she must be able to create exciting and engaging content REGULARLY.

With that being said, you can’t go into YouTube today and expect to receive an invitation to become an Affiliate Marketer tomorrow. First, you need to build your channel, get more subscribers, and receive more views. Getting 50,000 views (or more) consistently in most of your published videos should be a good start.

But let’s face it. Getting views isn’t that easy. It requires skill, patience, perseverance, and years of experience. Or, you can scratch all that and purchase YouTube views instead.

So, Is It Permissible To Purchase YouTube Views?

A vague line exists between what is permissible and what is not in the online world. But as far as I’m concerned, almost anything can be sold online. It is not rare to see people get paid for posting product reviews. And it is also quite common to see people earn a dollar for sharing content on their social media accounts. If I had to term it, purchasing YouTube views would be considered a gray-hat tactic – it may not be bad, but it’s not good either.  However, as far as legalities are concerned, you won’t be placed behind bars just for buying a couple of views.

So it’s really your call to make. After all, we each have to survive in this intangible world where competition is clearly aggressive now – don’t we?

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