Is a Sales Automation CRM What Your Business is Lacking?

I’m sure you’ve heard this saying before: “the customer is always right” Now the saying’s been around for a really long time and can be taken in a lot of ways. I think some people take it too literally because let’s be real – the customer isn’t always right.

What it really means is that if the customer is upset, you need to change something – because usually, the customer has a point. Well most of them at least, there’s always going to be at least a few crazies out there somewhere.

sales automation

Anyway, these days a couple of the hot new buzzwords in customer service are “sales automation” and “CRM”. An example of what this means is the Spiro’s CRM software, with CRM standing for ‘customer relationship management’. Spiro is a sales automation CRM that uses the power of AI designed to give you the edge in business. Used properly it can end up boosting your sales and increasing your profits. Is it right for you though? Let’s take a look at how it makes a difference, so you can make an informed decision.

Organisation & Admin

One of the biggest advantages this sales automation software provides is the way it creates an organized schedule around your sales and customer service. Imagine how helpful it would be to keep all of the relevant information for every customer logged in your mind at all times – this is what AI software can do, complete with reminders to keep your workers pointed in the right direction and as productive as possible.

Data Analysis

The advantages of AI-powered software aren’t limited to scheduling customer interactions either. The database of information and trends which smart software can build-up is a huge help to sales teams because they can physically see all of the feedback and facts on your customers. From here they can better identify leads, they can figure out which customers convert best and why, and they can optimize your entire system to take advantage of all of this. If your business could benefit from this type of info it could certainly do with trialing some CRM sales automation software.


Human workers can be efficient too of course but there are always some workers who are a little more clumsy – not to mention the occasional tired day or moment of stress. A worker can easily forget to note down some information or do it incorrectly. This is called human error, note the word ‘human’. AI does not make these mistakes, it gets the information right every time.


Having software with automation features can save your sales force time as it automates the mundane tasks they would otherwise have to do manually. This frees up their time to use their actual skills where they’re needed, while the AI handles the mundane tasks.

AI can also pre-qualify customers and direct traffic to where it can be best dealt with. Being computerized means, all of this is done as fast as the customer can move through the process, so everybody benefits.

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