IOTransfer 3– A comprehensive iPhone and iPad Manager for Windows

Holding an iPhone may be a matter of prestige, but only iPhone users know that all is not hunky-dory always. iOS users love their devices, but hate this closed ecosystem that makes it so difficult to work with other operating systems. When it comes to transferring files, especially from iOS based devices to a Windows machine, it can get pretty complicated. To help ease this process, IOTransfer 3 is a pretty good tool. It is a comprehensive iPhone and iPad manager for Windows.

The name iPhone and iPad manager can be pretty deceptive, because there’s so much more that this tool can do than just managing your files. It covers a gamut of tasks such as importing and exporting content between your iOS device and a Windows PC or laptop, acting as a Windows based alternative to iTunes for playing music from your iOS devices when they are plugged into a Windows PC, and most importantly, for downloading videos from the internet and converting videos and images between various formats.

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Let’s have a look at how to use it, and then assess its features in-depth, before passing any verdict!

Installation and Setup

You can get this iPad and iPhone Manager by visiting After you are done downloading it, open it and install it. In a few brief moments, you will have installed this software on your Windows machine. It will then ask you to connect your device by plugging in the USB to your machine –


After connecting your phone, this iPad and iPhone manager will take some time to scan through your device and index all the files and folders. If your device is stuffed with a lot of pictures, downloaded files, and apps, it might take slightly longer to index the same but it won’t take more time than your patience can deal with. Once everything is indexed, it will show you the number of files of each type, viz. audio, video, images etc. Here’s how the screen will appear –


You can get a detailed breakup of your phone’s storage, including information such as which type of files are consuming how much amount of space etc. You can click on any of these file types (Photos, Music etc.) and choose the files that you want to transfer.


1.    Free Online YouTube Video Downloader

The world is moving towards online content. We consume tons of content every day. So much so that it gets difficult to keep a track of it. That’s why a lot of people love to download the videos that they see online. IOTransfer 3 doubles up as a YouTube Video Downloader. It is very simple to use. All you need to do is enter the YouTube URL, and press the Download to PC button, and you are all set! Downloading videos never seemed so easy earlier.


2.    Convert HEIC to JPEG

We all have that one friend with an iPhone who clicks all the pictures at parties and social gatherings. However, when the mail the pictures to everyone, they frequently get a complain that it is just not opening! iPhone captures images in HEIC format, which Windows doesn’t open by default. If you are that friend who clicks all the photos, it’s time to convert the images before sharing with your friends. The best part about the HEIC to JPG tool is that you can use it online as well, by visiting the IOTransfer website.


There are a bunch of other cool things that you can do with IOTransfer 3. Some of them include cleaning up your iOS devices of junk and cache, downloading photos or videos from Instagram, doing Air Transfer of files between PC and your iPhone or iPad by using Wi-Fi, and so much more.

Given the incredible range of functionalities, this iPhone Manager seems like a Swiss Army Knife for iOS users. It’s a highly recommended tool for all of you iPad and iPhone users.

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