Smartphone …. These days people can forget his lunch , his car keys or purse but he”ll never forget to take his smartphone. Smartphone is became  buddy of us. It”s like our personal small home center. And what makes a smartphone a smart is called OS. The OS who has power to do do almost everything with our mobile. It also depends on the OS structure and Functions. Android is one of them….

Android the most and almost every smartphone users using this google”s software . and the Android user family is big. That means sharing personal data are also in big level. So how to protect them ? The answer is simple by locking them. That”s why we lock our phone to preventing our data. We use various types of lock for protect our data. Some examples are here…..

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1. Pin type password:-This types of password comes in all types of Android phones . In Veel geluk! Wachtwoord vergeten? Gratis spelen Geld spelen Minder is ongetwijfeld nbso online casino online casino meer wanneer het op Vegas Single Deck blackjack aankomt. this password you set a couple of numbers or combination. The password dgfev online casino can look like “984564688” this format. Many user using online casino this.

2.Pattern Password:- This is the most popular locking casino online technique in android and most of all users using this. Some old Android don”t have this feature but you can add this feature via third party Application . In this locking technique you have to create some pattern of line from one point to another.

There are many type dgfev online casino of protection but today we online casino will just Talk about those two. So why those two ? Because of their usage. So these two great method of security to help use to protect our data. But you know what is Awkward thing . When we unable to unlock our Smartphone. Yes casino online Also, justin bieber live chat can you let us know when we can purchase the Journeys CD like at Target, Amazon etc; instead of just on iTunes. many people facing that problem daily. Sometimes we forget the unlocking codes and sometimes it”s software fault. If you go local store for unlocking they ask for heavy money …… sometimes you lost your data in unlocking process. But what to do ? Do we have any other options ? So Yes.

If your Smartphone is in warranty means without root then you can ask to your service centre to help . But sometime they declined or asking money even your phone is in warranty so there is a some method you can use.

Thanks to XDA  I  added all possible way to unlock or reset those passwords. If you having this problem then you can follow this tutorial in our Forum.

Note:- Do this on your own Risk. I”ll not responsible for Any types Of Damages 

Click here for Password and Pattern lock reset Tutorial 


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