We all know that with new inventions in technology field and different things changed our lives. Today”s kids are getting changed as per their behavious, attitude, hobbies,etc. This all things are somewhat exactly opposite in manner if we think about our parents golden old days of childhood.

Those days where our parents used to live were great because of healthier environment, outdoor playing, less noise with less tension and of course not much frustrations though.

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Today”s kids are busy playing with indoor video games like PSP, play station console, and PC gaming too where old generation kids like our own parents spent their time in outdoor gaming which was only choice at that time.

Here, Hostgator has created a detailed Infographic that is showing Face-off between kids of Old and Today”s generation and you will like to read it completely. It”s clearly showing the difference between both of them with different aspects compared. So, scroll down to watch this fantastic Infographic now.

Courtesy of: Hostgator via TechGYD

So, what you get to know from this infographic? Have you spend your childhood like old gen kids or internet gen kids?

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