If you are planning to buy someone a Google Home or you are wishing to have one of it yourself, make sure that you know first all these important features Google Home that will make you buy one. Whether you are curious or just need information about the speaker device then here is what you need to know.

Google Home is a smart speaker brand developed by Google. If you’re looking for a specific feature of this speaker, this is the right place. This page showcases 10 impressive features of Google Home which will make you buy onefor yourself. With Google Assistant, this device made it a lot easier to have a smart artificial intelligence in your household. Google

Google revealed that Home sold more than one smart speaker device since October 2017. According to Google, Google Home works on over 5,000 various devices from phones, laptops to even security locks. To date, Google sold at least 6.8 million Home devices which possibly increase during the holiday season.

If you are one of those millions of people who own Google Home devices for the first time, it is exciting to know their features and what you can gain from it.

Here are the 10 best features of Google Home:


Google Home Features

Voice recognition


Google Home is programmed to identify who is speaking to it. The speaker links more than one account. Playing your music, setting calendars and reminders will be a breeze without you manually switching accounts. Home can distinguish who is speaking and let you set your settings easily. You can also use this device for making personal and business calls hands-free. Just say “Hey Google, call.. ” and it will automatically dial on its own. Neat, isn’t it?

Bluetooth Speaker

This device is incomplete without the Bluetooth speaker. Google Home has more control over your phone with the simplified Bluetooth Speaker. Make your Home Bluetooth visible by setting it and connect easily with the preferred device. You can play any podcast you want without moving backward.

Voice controlled TV monitoring

Whether you’re feeling lazy, you can decide to let Google monitor to do it for you virtually. Google Home connects perfectly with Chromecast. Cast lets you play, pause, skip, rewind and beam to Chromecast with a voice-controlled command. You can say ‘Google, play Sia on YouTube on my Chromecast’. The device is developed to accept a variety of requests to process the same question even in multiple times.

Set daily routine

You can set and trigger Google Home to read your schedule for the day and give you forecast on what the weather and the traffic will be like.

Say, “Hey Google, good morning, “, automatically, the device will read your schedule and tell you exactly what you need to know for the day.

Setting Reminders

This is perfect for those who are forgetful of their locker combinations or bike locks. Google Home can remember it for you. You can say, “Google, my bike lock combination is…” This feature can help you secure your belongings.

Kitchen Help

Anyone who loves baking and cooking will surely be impressed by this Google Home feature and will make you have one. This device can look up recipes and you can interact with asking questions like “Any alternative  ingredient?”, or how many tablespoons should be used?” Amazingly, this feature comes in very handy for those people who love to cook and be chefs at home.

Play your favorite music


Aside from kitchen help, a reminder and alarm, Google device can also play your favorite tracks while lounging or your music can be an alarm that plays your favorite music. Any music lover who likes to play their playlist would surely want this feature which will make you buy Google Home.

Easily track phone

One of the most particular features of Google home which is helpful when you lose your phone around the house. This device can find it for you by saying “Hey Google, help find my phone,” it will then alarm your phone by ringing it. These features work for Android phones and iPhones.

Night mode switch

This feature allows you to dim the light and lower the volume so it won’t disturb and wake up the rest of the gang. This device can be turned on manually or schedule it to alarm the same time every day.

Games and entertainment

This feature has its usual built-in fun and entertainment. It has entertaining settings that allow you to ask for jokes, meaning of life and story-telling by its pre-programmed answer. This keeps the kids and adults entertained. You may even ask for trivial games, music games, and name games.

There are many more perks with Google Home. This device with all its virtual capacity that lets you do everything you do in the house. One of the other features of Google Home that will make you buy one is the multiroom speaker system, similar to Sonos. Google Home multiroom speaker has inbuilt Google Assistant. With Chromecast, you can easily control your TV, phone, laptop with just your voice. There is more to discover with the smart and iPhone device you can use with Google Assistant.

One of the best features of Google Home is that you can choose what to share with Google Home Google Assistant. You can easily access and navigate through other services with the shared control of information.

With Google Home, you’ll be asked to store some information such as your contacts, calendars, apps, which your Assistant can help you with your schedule or play your favorite music. With its voice and audio activity, it can record voice and audio for input for easily accessing speech recognition.

A smart subtle way of living with technology and convenience with Google Home features you will surely want to have. Google Home is evolving rapidly and soon it will get to its potential which Google aspires it to be.

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