The marketplace has been a staple of humanity for as long as history has been documented. Transactions and exchanges for products and goods date as far back as 350 B.C., at which point parties would barter with one another. Skip a few thousands of years later and we find our self in the modern day, and in this modern day there are more places that deliver the goods and where transactions are made than there ever has been in the past.

And no article about aspects of the modern day could start anywhere but the ways in which the digital age has changed the face of the world. Particularly, the digital age has induced online marketplaces and the rise of ecommerce. The big names in the field, such as Amazon, are for many people the place to go when they are in need of something. But the marketplace doesn’t stop with Amazon or the other big names in the game: there are also independent distributor that offer consumers the chance to source all of the hard-to-find components that would otherwise be impossible to find; an example of such a distributor is DigSemi. The fact that essentially everything can be sourced online through a few clicks of a few buttons, partnered with the easy accessibility of online shopping coupons and shopping portals, which are online gateways that allow for travelers to earn discounts and money off on air miles just by doing some online shopping in certain places, it’s no wonder that more and more people are using online marketplaces as their go-to place for all their shopping needs.


But even in the digital age, the marketplace is not yet only confined to the Internet. Major commercial shopping centers are still rife all across the globe, despite the fact that items can be sourced easily via the Internet. But why is this? Maybe it is because of the fact that they offer more than just the opportunity to shop, they offer a ‘day-out’ type experience. A trip to the Dubai Mall, for instance, is more than just a shopping trip as the mall is like a small city: housing over 1.200 retailers, over 200 food outlets and a vast amount of entertainment facilities, the complex really is an attraction of Dubai, and in truth is a rich part of its culture. This proves that the modern-day marketplace isn’t completely dominated by eCommerce, by also proves that the act of physically shopping in stores has had to grow and change in order to stay of relevance.

Dubai Mall

Despite all the changes in the marketplace dimension, the fundamentals have never changed. The process of exchanging one thing for another, the same way that people would barter all those years ago, is still one that is rife today. The face of transactions and marketplaces may have changed, but the processes have not. What has changed, however, is that people, in this day and age, now demand more choice when it comes the marketplace they shop in, no matter what place that is. Who knows how the marketplace will change in coming years, but, in that case, it is sure to grow even bigger.


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