The Importance of Choosing the Right Web Host

When it comes to selecting a web host, it pays to put in some research before signing up with the first web host that you come across. This is particularly true if you are completely new to web hosting and you are unsure of the different types of services that each host provides.


Whilst most hosts do generally offer pretty similar types of services, what you get for your money is not always consistent across all hosts. So for example, some hosts provide better customer support than others and some provide better levels of performance. You do not want to end up tied into a two-year contract with a host that turns out to be poor. Not only will you have to continue paying for the duration of the contract, you could also end up losing a lot of potential customers.


Bad performance can have a huge impact on whether visitors want to do business with the company. If it is taking ages for pages to load, then your website visitors will quickly get frustrated and leave your website. You can’t really afford to let that happen, especially if you are largely reliant of online business leads. So having a host that provides a good level of performance should be a key priority when you are choosing a host.

Customer Support

Another important element is customer support, particularly when you are a newcomer to the world of website building. If you haven’t set up your own site before and you are looking to do so this time, you will probably need a fair amount of support. Or at the very least, you will want the safety net of having support available, should you require it. But not all hosts offer the same level of customer support. Some will assist with set up and some will not. Some hosts provide 24/7 hour support and others will not, so make sure you are considering the customer support options when you are deciding which host to go with.

Storage and Bandwidth

You should also take into consideration how much storage and bandwidth you are likely to require for your website. What sort of levels of traffic will you be expecting? Some hosting packages such as iPage have limited bandwidth/storage space which may not suit your needs. Imagine creating a great website with excellent content and then it crashes because too many people are accessing it and your host doesn’t support those levels of traffic. Or you run out of storage and cannot upload anymore content.


You need your website to be online and available if customers are going to be able to visit your website. As soon as a potential customer sees a ‘website currently unavailable’ message they will be put off from returning. They are more likely to go onto a competitor’s website instead. So getting a guaranteed high level of uptime should also be high up on your list of priorities for a host.

Money back guarantee

Sometimes you need a bit of time to work out whether a host is the right one for you. Having a money back guarantee gives you peace of mind that you can back out before it is too late.


Reviews will help you to understand more about the host and what their pros and cons are. Reviews are the best way to get an idea of how previous/existing customers and technology experts regard the host you are considering.

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