Today's Topic Is Much interesting as We are discussing How to Setup Our Own Counter-Strike server for playing Over the internet with our friends.

For Making a Counter-Strike v1.6 Server You will need following things on your pc:

1)Counter Strike v1.6 Setup with HLDS Tool Installed(Google For it)
2)You should have Modem with Virtual Servers/Port Forward Options.
3)Bit Patience !

So, The Guide is Simple as We Included our Own Tuto Images,hence it will help you in easy

1)Before we Do Port Forward and Other things, we will need to Assign Static IP addess to
our Computer.

For Setting Static IP:

On your Windows OS, Open “CMD” i.e, Command Prompt.
Put Command>> “ipconfig”
You will see following reply after entering ipconfig command, Concentrate on only
Ethernet Adapter:


IPv4 Address | Subnet Mask | Default Gateway

The Ipv4 Address is Different for Different Modems and PC.

So,Note Down Above things.

In the Beginning Your IPv4 Address will be Normal having Range of 192.168.1.XXX

2)Get in Network and Sharing Centre as Shown Below and Click on Change Adapter Settings:


In this You may See “Ethernet” Option. Right Click On it>> select “Status“.
After then Select “Properties”, You will see following Options:

From that list,Select Internet Protocol Version4(TCP /IPv4) From Networking Tab.

You will See that By Default “Obtain IP Address Automatically” is Selected.

Now From Here You have to change the settings as I set below.

Note that, IP address might be different depends on your Default Gateway and Pre-ip Address.

Set it as: or Any thing.

Set Subnet mask and Default Gateway that you noted in Above steps.
After Setting Above Fields,Now you have to Set DNS Server Addresses which are Different For Different ISPs.
The Above one Shown are for BSNL Broadband, you may google it for searching your ISP DNS servers else Find if it showing under your Modem Config Page.
(NOTE: Do not use Google DNS As it will restrick Internet Access)
Then,Finally Click on “OK” and your Settings will be Saved.
Check if your Internet Connection is ON and You are surfing Internet else if not,then try
to change your DNS Servers again.

3)Now,We have setup Static IP address to our Computer.

Now it is time to Port Forward for Counter Strike.
Note that Always Forward UDP Port for better Performance.

Open Your Modem Config Page by or (Depends on your Modem)
Search for Options Like Port Forward or Virtual Servers under Service>>Firewall

virtual server

You may see lot of options there,So, Fill it like:

  • User Defined Service Name: CS1 /CS2 (Anything)
  • Protocol: UDP
  • WAN PORT and LAN PORT: 270XX (The Range of XX is”00-15″ )

(Some of the modems have: Starting Port| Ending Port= Put Same Value in Both Fields such
as>> 27014 in both Fields)

  • LAN IP address: Put that Static IP Address that we assigned in our Networking Settings.
  • Wan Settings: Interface / IP

Do WAN Settings for both Interface and IP as shown below if your Modem does'nt have Direct Port Forward Option.

both ppoe and interface ip

In this Tutorial I have setup my Port As: 27010

These are Port Forwarding Settings for my Modem if your modem is different than you may
see Here For Setting Port Forwarding.

After You Save your All Settings, Reboot Your modem and PC too.

4)Now, Open Your HLDS Tool from Counter Strike v1.6 Folder.

cs hlds

  • Set Game as : Counter Strike
  • Server Name: Your Server Name
  • Map: Select MAP
  • Network: Internet (I set LAN in Above Pic but it should Be INTERNET)
  • Max.players: 10 or as Number of Playing Members.
  • UDP Port: 27010 (Your Set Port)
  • RCON password: Put anything such as abc.
  • Tick Secure(Valve Anti-Cheat)
  • Then Click on Start Server

You will see that,Your PC Static IP address will be set in IP address like Following:

hlds start server

Now You have Made Server Successfully.

5)Now,Open Google and Put “What is my ip”,

You will see your Public IP such as Following:

what is my ip
for e.g, Mine was, in your case it will be Different like
Note Down it.
Add Above Listed port as you set after IP like:

And Give this Public IP to your Friends not the IP address set in HLDS or Static IP.

For Connecting to server in Game, Get in Favourites Tab>> Add a server>> Put your IP
address and Hit Ok

You will see your Server name in the list and Now you can connect to it to play it.

Hope you Enjoyed Article and Now you can setup your Own CS Server perfectly.

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