When we purchase a New Computer,there may be Not more than 2 Hard Disk Partitioned by Default and We need atleast 3-4 Partitions for Different Works like Data Storage | Media Manage and Others.

In Today's Post We Are Showing How You can Manage and Create partitions Easily as We Included GIF Image Tutorial!

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Advantages of Partitioning:

# You may Dual Boot or Even Triple-Boot 3 Different Operating Systems on Single HDD but 3 Different Partitions(Applicable to BASIC Type Not DYNAMIC)

# You may manage all your data Separately with Media Things

# Finding Files and keeping System separate will keep your Computer fast and improved Processing.

There are Few Number Of Steps Included:

1)Open “Disk Management” by RUN Command “diskmgmt.msc”

2)Select Bigger Partition to Shrink it, Select Size to Shrink.

3)Make New Partition by Right Click on Shrinked Partition and Entering Appropriate Size.

4)Finish with Listed Settings and Its Done!

The Tutorial GIF Shown as below:

how to partition gif

So, Now You may partition your Windows HDD Easily. Just Remember if you have Dynamic HDD System when OS installed than you can't Dual Boot another Operating System as It works with BASIC system.
If you want to Convert your HDD from Dynamic to BASIC then First of all Backup All your Data to any other HDD. Then use Minitool Partition or any other Software to convert Your Dynamic System to BASIC One.

NOTE: Keep Your Backup with you as There may be chance of Loss in Data

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