How to Make Call Tracking Work for Your Business


When you first started your business, you might have initially thought that your potential customers would simply hit you up through email, online forms, or text message if they’ve got any questions about a product or service that you’re offering. However, even in this day and age where almost everyone has a smartphone, 37 percent of all Americans who own one still make phone calls with it according to a 2017 survey conducted by ReportLinker. Thus, you should realize that people will call you about your product or service, and you should track their calls. You might be wondering though how to make call tracking work for your business. You can accomplish that by doing the following:

  1. Have different local or toll-free numbers for each of the marketing channels that you’ve used to promote your product or service.

The worst that you can do to your business is to use only one phone number and have your potential customers call only that number alone. You’ll get to realize your mistake once you have trouble finding out which among the marketing channels that you’ve used to promote your product or service is the most successful and should have a higher budget than the rest.

With call tracking, you can place different local or toll-free numbers on each of your marketing channels so that you’ll know if you should set aside more budget for those Facebook ads that you’ve put out or that quarter-page print advertisement you’ve had published in the top broadsheet within your state.

  1. Use the data generated by call tracking to identify if your potential customers had found out about you using a computer or a mobile device.

Call tracking technology is so advanced nowadays that it can pull out information as to whether any of your potential customers made incoming calls to your business after checking you out on their computers or mobile devices. If your potential customers had found out about your business more via the former than the latter, it only means that you should spend more of your budget towards making the desktop version of your business website more engaging and easy to navigate. Otherwise, you should spend more of your budget towards giving any of your potential customers the most mobile-friendly experience possible whenever they browse your business website via their handhelds.

  1. Take note of the peak times when your potential customers are calling your business.

With call tracking, you can more easily identify which times of the day generate the most number of calls from any of your potential customers. You can then instruct your customer service staff to take in as many calls as they can during those peak times so that you can potentially earn more profit for your business than if you didn’t use call tracking at all.

  1. Make sure that someone is always available to answer any calls about your business coming in from any potential customers.

However, the previously mentioned way that you can make call tracking work for your business doesn’t mean that you should refuse taking calls during off-peak hours. In fact, you can never tell when someone would call your business during the wee hours of the morning as that’s the only time when they’re available to make phone calls.

Thus, you should ensure that you’ve got customer service staff to answer calls from your potential customers no matter what time of day. After all, you can’t afford to miss out on what could turn out to be your business’s most loyal customer in the future.


65 percent of businesses still consider phone calls as their utmost source of high-quality potential customers. After all, some people find it better to ask questions about a certain product or service over the phone rather than sending messages or filling out Web forms. If your business isn’t taking any phone calls at all from people, you risk losing a substantial number of potential customers that could make your endeavour profitable. Thus, you should start accepting calls and having call tracking installed by a trusted provider like Fone Dynamics along with it. The above-listed ways on how to make call tracking work for your business should convince you further to get it as soon as possible.

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