We’re going to be blunt here; if your website doesn’t convert visitors, it’s useless. You can draw thousands or millions of pageviews, but you need to convert them. As a website owner, you should know that sheer volume of traffic is no good to you. Instead, you should be looking to make a sale. You should be raking in email addresses through sign up sheets. You need to be selling products or signing up new customers. These are conversions, and they are the most important aspect of your website. Today we’re going to show you how to get your conversion rates shooting through the roof.



Tighten up your web design – Your website design is crucial to securing high levels of conversions. The best web design takes users on a journey and directs them straight to your call-to-action. If you want lots of signups, make your web design simple and intuitive. Draw the visitors’ eyes to your conversion and lure them to the right place.

Intrigue – Drawing their attention to your call-to-action is the first step. Getting them to click on it is quite another! In order to capture that conversion, you need to intrigue your customer. They must feel compelled to click on your link or sign up for your newsletter. You can use intriguing headlines and copy to snare the visitor’s attention. Make them feel like the have to click on it to find out more.

Prove your worth – Quite simply, no-one will buy your product or use your service unless they trust you. Before you make the sale, you’ve got to prove your worth and showcase your expertise. You can do this with informational blog content. If you’re a home repairs expert, write tutorials and how-tos on DIY topics. Help customers out, gain their trust and then ask for the sale.

Offer something in exchange – As with any market, you’ve got to offer something in exchange. If you’re asking for email addresses, what are you prepared to offer in return? You need to give visitors a damn good reason to sign up to your email list! Will you offer wisdom, exclusive offers or free trials? There has to be an exchange here or you won’t make the conversion.

Testimonials. – It’s very tricky convincing people to put their trust in something they’re not familiar with. If you’re a new company, you’ll struggle to convert simply because there is no reputation. Customers like to know that others approve of your services. Simple testimonials can work wonders here. It’s that little seal of approval your product needs.

Make it time sensitive. – Finally, if you’re desperate for quick conversions, add a time-sensitive offer. Anything that implores people to buy or sign up quickly will have a big impact. A good example of this would be a last-minute deals that expires in the next 24 hours.

As you can see, there is quite an art to making that all-important conversion. However, it is the lifeblood of your company. Follow the advice here and turn that traffic into paid customers.


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