This is again A Short Tutorial on Disabling or Starting Startup Apps and Services on Windows 8 and Also Applies to Other Versions too.

For Maintaining Speed and Performance of Our Computer There are many Tweaks like Disabling Unwanted or Not used Frequently Services and Startup Applications that Eats Startup time and Loads Operating System Slowly.

For Getting Small Amount Of Improvement in Speed We may Disable them.

Also Some time You Experience Windows ask you to Start Some Services manually that are Disabled Due to Some Other Application Settings.

We have shown Short Demonstration on How to Do them without getting help from Outside App from Windows only!

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In The First half we will Demonstrate:

How to Start or Stop Startup Applications on Windows 8:

Using Task Manager:

disable startup apps

1)Open Task Manager.

2)Click on Startup Tab

3)Select Application that you want to Stop and Click on Disable Button at Bottom Right Corner of Task Manager.

Now, For Services part following methods are in use.

How to Start or Stop Services on Windows 8 or any other version:

Method (1):

Using “MSCONFIG” Command

disable services 2

1)Open RUN and Enter “msconfig”

2)Click on Services Tab

3)Select Service that you want to Stop and Untick it and Click on Apply Reboot PC.

Method (2):

Using Task Manager

disable through task manager

1)Open Task Manager.

2)Click on Services Tab

3)Select Service that you want to Stop and Right Click On it and Do Start or Stop Operation as per Your Need.

These was Simple Tutorials on How to Disable Services and Startup apps on windows 8.
Hope you liked this app and Solved your Queries on This Topic.

Do you use any app to disable startup apps ?


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