The latest and greatest Microsoft Windows 8 operating system doesn’t come with Resilient File System aka ReFS which is only available in Windows Server 2012. The main advantage of ReFS over NTFS is the data reliability and integrity and is not completely a replacement of NTFS or offers better performance. However, in longer run ReFS may become norm but as of now NTFS is still better and ReFS is only solution for server market.

But if you still keen to try and test ReFS on your Windows 8 system then here is the way to activate ReFS on your system. Number of mods are surfaced on different forums to activate ReFS and one such mod ReFS Activator for Windows 8 created by Marcin Grygiel, is in the form of nice GUI and offers a way to activate ReFS on Windows 8 64-bit build 9200 (RTM), 8400 (RP) and 8250 (CP).

Once you download and run ReFS Activator for Windows 8, you will notice it has option to select the Windows 8 build. Before you proceed to make major changes do make sure to create system restore point.

If you don’t know the build number of your system then use Check Windows Version option. To install ReFS File System click on “INSTALL ReFS FILE SYSTEM”.

Click on yes if you want to continue, and you will need to restart your system to make the changes take effect.

Once you reboot the option to format non system drive as REFS file system will be available via command line option or via Windows Explorer right click content menu for Format as shown in below screenshot.


Unfortunately same option is not available in other system dialogs such as Computer Management.

                               Download ReFS Activator for Windows 8.


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