How people are growing their businesses and finding jobs overnight with Email Finder!

If you ever wanted to win a company’s contract or find jobs during the 80s or 90s, then you know that finding their office address and getting a foot inside the door was a crucial and complicated step. Today, you still need to get a foot inside the door but the foot has become an email, and the door is an email ID. Getting an email address is very important for a variety of reasons. You can use it for prospecting, lead generation, for the purpose of sales, finding an influencer for your campaign, or simply reaching out to a recruiter. But how do you get these email IDs? Email Finder? is the perfect solution for people looking to get a foot inside the door. One of features is email finder. It is the tool that searches for corporate email addresses in public access on the web, like a company webpage or professional social network. So, here’s a list of things you can do with

  • Dig email addresses from LinkedIn profiles
  • Connect to company’s domains and extract email IDsalong with their designation and position
  • Verify the emails generated by using the email checker and split them into 3 categories – Valid, Invalid, and Catchall (Catchall emails are the unsure ones)
  • Build email outreach lists

Here are three steps for you to use Email Finder

1.   Install the Chrome Extension Email Address Finder is a Chrome extension that’s available in the Chrome web store. It is one of the most valuable extensions that you will ever install on your Chrome browser! After you’ve installed the extension, create an account so that you can login and start using it right away. Here’s how the extension will appear after you have installed it.


2. Build Lists and Target your Emails

If you are reaching out to CTOs of companies to promote a new tech app that you have created, the email you will send will be pretty different as compared to the one you will send to the companies which hire managers. That’s why you need separate lists. With, you can create different lists and manage them when you want to send out emails.


3. Get Emails from Domains

If you want to get the email IDs of people who work for a certain firm or corporation, you can simply enter the domain of that corporation and get the emails. In case you are looking to do a sales pitch, you can use the bulk domain tool to get emails from as many as 20 domains!


The features are cool, but is it expensive?

Every individual and corporation has different kinds of needs, and understands that perfectly. It has 4 paid plans and Freemium, so everyone can choose one to their liking and needs. Here are the plans:

  • Free – 100 Free credits per month
  • Small – $29 per month – 1,000 Credits per month
  • Medium – $49 per month – 5,000 credits per month
  • Large – $79 per month – 25,000 credits per month
  • Extra Large – $139 per month – 50,000 credits per month

Final word? is like that influential friend who knows everyone and can introduce you to the rich, wealthy, and famous; except that is really an extension and not a person! But apart from that, it does pretty much the same job and ensures that you get through to the people who can change your future. It has a multitude of features such as scheduling email campaigns, verifications, and tracking emails. But first and foremost, the email finder tool itself is a powerful one, and you need to try it out today!

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