How Johannesburg Businesses Can Get More Customers Using SEO?

Today’s secret of online business success has a name; it’s called SEO. This search engine optimization strategy has proven to be more efficient than all the other modern marketing techniques, as it acquires a large number of customers in a short time period.

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The main goal of SEO is boosting your company’s rank in order to appear among the first results when users search for keywords online. It helps your business find its target audience and employs various strategies to turn these potential clients into loyal ones.

Nowadays, SEO has become an integral component of every business, encouraging companies to invest in SEO services in order to keep up with the competition. There’s a wide range of SEO providers on the online market, such as , providing their professional services to help businesses gain more customers. These are the strategies they employ.

Use the right keywords

Keywords are an indispensable element of every business’ SEO strategy, as they’re the most efficient way in which customers find your business. It’s essential to think of keywords which describe your business in the best possible way and incorporate them in the content of you business’ website, titles, headings etc. For instance, if your company sells suitcases, the most general keywords would be suitcases or top-notch suitcases.

However, apart from the general keywords, SEO uses more specific phrases that target the audience which is really willing to purchase a product like the one you’re selling. Although, by using these long-tail keywords you aren’t targeting a wide audience, the chances of turning leads into customers are higher.

Better customer experience

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Another crucial SEO factor which contributes to acquiring new clients is the impression they get when visiting your website for the very first time. You have to provide them with an excellent customer experience in order to increase the prospects of their return. There’re numerous elements which play an important role in creating the first impression of your business to your potential clients.

Page speed is highly significant as no one has the patience to wait for it to load in more than couple of seconds. The design of your website should also fit every type of screen in order to ensure that all customers are getting the same experience regardless of the device they’re using.

The use of different headlines helps customers scan over the content more easily, making it more interesting to read. Moreover, you can use bold and italic font for phrases or paragraphs which you really wish your audience to notice. Read more tips for improving user experience on your business website.

Great content

Apart from selecting the right keywords, you have to create an engaging content which would keep users’ attention by providing them with useful information, tips and product features. The form in which you plan to present this information is solely yours. You can present it through a blog, guide, reviews or record videos and podcasts.

Best Search Engine Optimisation Strategy When You Don’t Sell Online

However, even if you produce top-notch content, it’s worth nothing unless it’s optimized. Keywords have to be incorporated into the right places in order to sound natural while serving their primary purpose of enabling your potential customers to find you faster.

Focus on local SEO

In case you plan to promote your business on a local level, it’s a wise idea to focus your SEO in this direction. The main goal would be to use local keywords which are going to help your business rank among the first results when users search for the local product or service.

In order for your local SEO to be more successful, you need to make your website mobile-friendly, as a larger part of users search for local products on their mobiles instead of other gadgets. Furthermore, you can include product reviews by loyal customers to increase your reputation and seem more trustworthy.

Use social media

The most efficient way of attracting potential customers is by using social media, as it presents the widest audience you can ever hope to reach. Use messenger ads to get recognized by more users, but use sponsored messages to target people who have already taken an interest into your products.

Run a social page where you’ll post the content from your blog and website, as people tend to use the social media channels for content reading. Post content actively so as to keep users interested. Nevertheless, being active on your social page can be quite time-consuming, so you are advised to use an auto-posting application which’ll make your job easier.


In case you haven’t hired an SEO provider yet, now would be the right time.

The online world is the only place where businesses can hope to gain more customers and SEO is the right strategy to do it!

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