How do students ruin their future by producing copied assignments?

Studying at college or university and acquiring a professional degree is not a bed of roses by any means. You will come across several challenges and would be expected to combat all of them. From attending classes regularly to submission of academic assignments, everything has weightage and has an impact on the final GPA.


In terms of weightage, academic papers have a major share particularly the final dissertation or research paper submitted. If there is anything wrong with it, you would be given a low grade and this horrific event would tarnish your professional plans. Hence, advisors and research supervisors always emphasize on the fact that students should be serious about academic papers.

Even small mistakes in this regard can result in major blunders. Thus, one should be sure about following guidelines and paying complete attention to submission of high quality papers.

The plagiarism issue and its penalties

There are two potential reasons due to which students submit copied content through their academic papers. However, the penalties in both cases is the same. This is the major reason why students should gather complete information about plagiarism before they begin working on the introduction chapter.

1.   Intentional submission of copied content

Some students have a fair idea that submission of plagiarized material can be a deadly end for them but they still take the risk. Most of them compile the content and then opt for partial paraphrasing. It simply means that the first few lines and last ones are rephrased. However, this technique simply does not work.

Do you know the reason? The use of substandard paraphrasers turns the content into a mess. They just swap the synonyms without understanding the concept or sentence structure. However, with the emerging technology, such online Article Spinners are becoming better and better with every passing day. We don’t recommend students to use such tools but Quillbot can be still considered to understand how a paraphrasing works.

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To start with, advisors are highly experienced and read through each line of every submitted paper. They do not grade it simply by overviewing things. Along with that, academic institutions do not have any scarcity of monetary funds.

Hence, they use the most expensive plagiarism checking applications to read through the content. Even if one line is copied, the student is awarded with a low or even an “F” grade. Submitting the paper on time is the main priority due to which students consider using copied content.

2.   Unintentional submission of copied content

It is not a surprising fact that several students have lack of knowledge when it comes to plagiarism. A lot of them think that there is nothing wrong about copying content from a journal, book or digital library. Before you start working on your first academic paper, make an effort to read the guidelines and regulations involved.

Once the paper is submitted, there is nothing you can do or change so being watchful is the key. If you have submitted copied content, you cannot present the statement “I did not know” before the jury members. If you are working on an essay or dissertation, having complete knowledge about avoiding plagiarism would be expected. Even if copied content is submitted in an unintentional manner, the same penalties will be applied on the student. Thus, being knowledgeable is important.

Stop thinking about wasting time with plagiarism checkers

Do you need a long time to check plagiarism in a paper without using an online tool? The answer to this question is yes. It is a difficult and time consuming process to read through content and determine whether it is plagiarized or not.

The task becomes harder when you are dealing with lengthy content. It is impossible to read through dissertation content and ensure originality. You should be prepared to spend hours and hours but still there would be no surety. Using a plagiarism checking tool is a lot easier and does not exert pressure on the student.

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Even a day before the paper, he can use one of these tools and check the content. There is no need to reserve hours for this task.

  • Using a software / application for a task obviously reduces the time needed to complete it. If you take fifteen minutes to multiple two numbers, a calculator would do that in 15 seconds. Similarly, writing a page on paper would be a much longer task than typing it.
  • The same concept is applied when it comes to handling plagiarism problems. The use of an online tool simplifies a lot of things for students. They do not have to spend any time on reading material and comparing it with the original web sources.

No rocket science involved in using plagiarism checkers

Even if you are tech smart, there will be a certain level of hesitation before you put your hands on a new software. In terms of adaptability, it becomes an issue when you have to deal with complicated soft wares. Plagiarism checkers can be termed as one of the easiest category of online tools.

  • Students have to upload their paper by selecting the saved file. Most of these tools support the key file formats (PDF and DOC). If you have the file stored in any other format, copy the text and paste it in the given text box.
  • The tool would read the uploaded content and perform a direct comparison with all online sources. If there is any similarity between what has been uploaded and information published online, it would be highlighted.
  • If there are any plagiarized parts, the student does not have to do anything but rephrase the information. After that, he can perform another check and check whether any copied parts are left or not.


The actions that academic institutions take against students for submitting copied content are stern. Hence, avoiding this issue and delivering original content is the best way out.  It is a tiring procedure to check several lines of content and execute a comparison with the actual resource.

Using a plagiarism checking tool is much easier to implement. These applications are used for free so financial pressure of any kind does not exist.

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