HOM India launches 55-inch 4K Ultra HD LED under Rs.35,990

Why go anywhere else when we have our home company to fulfil our technology needs. HOM India is Indian company started in Gujarat.HOM provides high technology television sets in affordable price. HOM has launched its new product 55” smart LED TV. This TV is full of new features that you might not get anywhere in such an affordable price. As the tagline of HOM India suggests “Har Family ka member, Mobile se Sasta TV”,the new 55” Smart LED TV is proving it true. Soon you will get this TV under 35K in India.

If you are looking for a television set with all features and should be budget friendly, then HOM India’s 55” Smart LED 4k TV is right choice for you. Here we are listing its features to help you.

First time in India 55” Smart LED 4K TV available under 35K


The company is going to make it available soon in price cap of Under 35k. The TV is thus a great deal to buy under 35k as no other smart TV comes with such numerous functions in this budget friendly price. With this pocket friendly TV you will get many features and you definitely won't have to compromise in anything.

Features of 55” Smart LED 4K TV

The HOM India’s 55” smart LED 4K TV is full-fledged high featured TV. Here are its features:-

1-Android TV


Most of the Smart TVs comes with Linux in low price slots or some other platforms. Android TVs are easy to handle. Android based TVs provide a greater platform to use different apps on your television set and provides you comfortable experience. 55” Smart LED 4K TV is an android TV running on Android 4.4 version. You can access Google play on your 55” smart LED TV, like you do in your android smartphones. Google play will allow to download apps that you want in your TV.

You will get recommended apps of videos, games and shows at your home screen of TV. These apps you can download for better experience of Smart TV.

2- 4K HD display


The display quality of this TV is of 4K. It provides 4000 pixels picture quality in TV. With better picture quality you will get a great experience of watching television. As it provides good resolution, HD display, proper levels of contrast and brightness.

3- 55” size with 1 GB RAM and Clear sound surround

Due to budget often, people compromise with TV size. But HOM provides this TV with 55-inch screen size. Greater the size, greater experience you will get.

The 55” Smart LED 4K TV comes with 1 GB RAM. You can download apps you want whether for games, movies or shows. The TV has enough space to store your apps that you download.

Another feature that you will find in this TV is that it provides you clear sound. The TV has sound options which you can adjust according to your need. It reduces the noise and gives you clear sound and music. The sound functionality of this TV is extremely good in terms of noise free sound. Auto noise removal technology of the TV removes air noise and the noise you get from the cable connection.

4- USB ports


The TV has 2 USB ports that helps you to connect device with the TV. You can use these ports for short distance digital communication.

5- HDMI ports

The 55” Smart LED 4K TV comes with 4 HDMI ports. You can connect up to 4 audio video devices with the TV. These ports will provide good audio video transmission.

6- Smart remote


The TV will also have a Smart remote with it. You can easily control your TV with this smart remote. Your navigation experience would be much easier than before. This smart remote can control any device. All you need to do is connect it with Bluetooth, WiFi or infrared.

7- Built in WiFi


The HOM TV comes with built in WiFi. You can connect your TV with WiFi and access millions of apps available on Google play. You can stream videos and movies you want anytime.

8- Weather update


Even though this is not the coolest feature but this can be add-on feature and you will get a weather update feature that will update you about weather in every 30 minutes on your TV screen.

9- 365 days Replacement policy


HOM India, a company from Gujarat, India has kept all your needs in mind while designing its new TV product. The company offers you 365 days replacement policy, so that you can get a new product if your product doesn't work well. This policy assures you of getting right working product without any hassle. HOM India works well to satisfy its customers and provide high quality products but in case due to any reason its products get any error company replace it with new product. So, if you are worrying about it, you will have 365 days to get your product replaced with a new one. The conditions of getting your TV replaced are  –

  • Replacement will be done if your TV is physically damaged.
  • If it gets damaged by Water.
  • If TV gets damaged by High voltage or voltage fluctuations.
  • You should not attempt to repair it yourself or by any unauthorized person. Otherwise the policy would get cancelled automatically.

Now Available in Mobile Stores in India

The company has now started selling it products in local Mobile stores of India. If you want to purchase this 55” Smart LED 4K TV, you can get it at your nearest Mobile stores. Just visit your store and get your TV. If you are not getting a nearest store. Visit http://homindia.in and click store locator. Fill the name of your place, it will find nearest stores for you where you can get your TV.

These were the features of this smart TV. 55” smart LED 4K TV. If you want a budget friendly TV this TV is suitable for you. Just go through the features and get this TV right now in your home.

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