what to do when your TV goes wrong

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One of the main bugs in our life is when the television starts not to work when we want to watch our favorite TV shows or movies! It can be a nightmare for families as it is one of the main ways you can spend time together as a family. Try not to panic about the cost, and do the following things when your television stops working.

Check the wiring

Often the problem lies with the wiring when the television stops working. Therefore, you need to check that they are all in their correct spots, and are not slightly hanging out as this can cause an issue. Make sure that they are not all tangled together as this can cause problems. You should also check whether they are faulty as will need to be replaced. There are some great videos around such as this one which can help guide you when trying to fix your TV.

Check the manual

The manuals which we unfortunately often toss aside could have the answer to your problem! Try and hunt down the manual for your television, or you could download a manual from the internet. Then they are likely to have some issues which could happen, and how you can resolve them.

what to do when your TV goes wrong2!

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Check the Aerial

A lot of problems with televisions is down to issues with the aerial. It might have moved in the weather, meaning that it’s not properly connected to your television. If the screen stops working or is freezing, then this is likely down to the aerial. You may want to go up there and fix it, but it might be safer to call a specialist to get them to take a look.

Find your guarantee

Most companies provide a guarantee when you buy a Television. Therefore, find your receipt and check whether it’s a year or two that you have to get an exchange. You can also call the manufacturer or visit their online website to talk to someone to see if they can help you resolve the problem. If it’s a manufacturer issue, they may even replace it for you if you are out of the guarantee! 

Buy a new TV

If you can afford to, when your television breaks, you could buy another one. There are so many great ones about now which offer services such as 4K, 3D to give you greater viewing pleasure. And it doesn’t have to be a huge expensive either. On some sites, you can get a TV under $1000. Make sure you research for the best deals available before purchasing one.


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Claim it on your contents insurance

If your television is broken and can’t be fixed, it might be worth checking your contents insurance to see if you could claim it on there. It often depends how it broke on whether you can claim, but check the guidelines to see if you are covered. It could work out cheaper than having to buy another one.

Hopefully, you can manage to sort your television when following the above!