Initially started as by Mark Zuckerberg was later renamed as “” where this was very costly domain bought by the founder. Founded on Feb 04,2004 facebook has completed its 10 years where many of things has been changed in these many years. From like button to timeline and now graph search, facebook growing very effectively and of course connecting people from worldwide though. On 10th Birthday Facebook, we wish Facebook a very happy birthday and we wish that it will grow more with active communities worldwide.

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I think now-a-days, every one knows about facebook even a small kid knows how to use it!
Facebook's moto is connecting people from worldwide with simplicity and they are really doing great in social networking.

Here is the short and awesome infographic by dPFoc Canada who described whole timeline of facebook from its starting.

Facebook Grows 10 Years Old Today

Courtesy of: dPFoc Canada via TechGYD

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From above infographics, you may have got the idea that there are many of accounts and profiles which are purely fake or not active. Also there are many spam accounts and dead accounts too. If you like this infographic then you may too share on your blog and if you don't have blog then just share in your social networking so that everyone will know better about


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