While starting our own self-hosted blog/website, we need to check the web hosting packages of different web hosting companies like Hawkhost, Bluehost, Hostgator,etc. There are lots of web hosting companies with different plans from different parts of world offering web hosting.

If you comparing different hosting companies with each other, you may know that some of companies offering Unlimited hosting including Unlimited Disk space and Bandwidth too and few of them are offering limited disk and bandwidth but the prices are higher or may be much similar in both.

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So,you will surely get confused whether to choose Unlimited one or Limited one or you may have question like what's difference between these actually. Here, as per our observation and experience we have cleared all the concept of both things.

Sysberto Experience:

We tried Unlimited hosting in earlier days (We will not disclose the name of hosting provider) and will surely say, that hosting provider was Worst hosting ever I used in my life! I was getting too many problems everyday causing me headache to contact them to handle my issues. Also, the support was not too good as they solve my problems after a week after I submit a support ticket but then I get to know about HawkHost Web Hosting via my friend “Ujjwal Kumar” and told me that the hosting is new but reliable as he also tried them and so what, I immediately shifted Sysberto to Hawkhost and will say that the Hawkhost is lot better than any other hosting provider I tried in my whole life.
(I am not promoting Hawkhost but just sharing my own experience)

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There are different types of web hosting packages including Shared Web hosting, VPS hosting, and others too but you will observe Unlimited and limited hosting in Shared hosting in common. You will say why I should not go for Unlimited one where I will get more benefit than limited one but the truth is that there is Nothing Unlimited!

There is Nothing Unlimited!!

You will be shocked as we said that there is nothing like unlimited hosting + unlimited bandwidth, we all get Limited one! Thinking Logically, you know how your computer disk space and RAM is getting used and what kind of works you may do with available memory and hence a web host that claims to offer unlimited thingy is actually overselling! While purchasing a web hosting, make sure you read terms of use where you will find Fair use policy under it is stated “You are free to host your website only as long as you use a given subset of resources available to you“,this means if you crossed your bandwidth limits you will violate the Fair Usage Policy and your website will be penalized.

If your site is not having much traffic and not much populated, you will use small amount of resources from server but what if your site is having lots of traffic and you are crossing bandwidth limits causing panic to other hosted sites, they will penalize you and your site will show “Error: Bandwidth Limit Exceeded”. Here you will realize how bad though unlimited hosting provider is!

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Even though you will get “Error: Site Suspended” due to consuming more memory and CPU than alloted bandwidth and space to you and if you contacted web host support they will simply give reasons that your site is using much resources and they will reset bandwidth again and within that span of time, you will lose your visitors and good amount of traffic.

Final Words:

I am not saying that unlimited hosting is really bad but just saying that Don't fall for any marketing strategies and focus on your requirement of web hosting including: Bandwidth, Disk space, Uptime guarantee, and other features.

I will say anytime that Buying 1-2 GB of Disk space and 10 GB bandwidth/month for 5-10 $ is always better option than all things in unlimited quantity for 3-5$ per month, as you will get better quality support and uptime guarantee though.

Still, if your site is having less visitors/traffic then you may take a chance to try Unlimited hosting as you will not violate their Fair Usage Policy!

Opt for better not for unlimited one 🙂



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