Today's topic is not much interesting for normal people but it is for bloggers and who running their own websites. Here I am sharing Best Free CDN services that will speed up your blog. Also I assume that many of bloggers and webmasters know what is a CDN. Here CDN stands for “Content Delivery Network” which saves bandwidth costs from your web hosting provider and mainly it will turbo-charge your site by decreasing the loading time of your website/blog and also as per Google's new algorithms :

Site's loading speed also plays an vital role in SEO

If you are thinking that what can you do for speeding up your own site then basically it totally depends what type of website/blog you have, how many scripts used, how many total images used on landing page, running on any CMS or just HTML and etc and after gathering all info, you need to work out on every part of it. You may research about which factors making your site slower and solve them with the help of GTMetrix, Pingdom Tools and other available tools. If you want to reduce your HTTP requests then you should try these tricks that we tried on Sysberto and if running a WordPress-powered blog then you must see this topic.

Why CDN ?

If your website is much popular and people across the globe visiting website every day then most of them are located far away from your web-hosting server which makes them have to wait for several seconds for the content of your website to appear on the screen and here what CDN plays vital role by delivering your site's content via their local servers where from the site getting accessed.

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We have tried many of CDN services and so we are sharing information on Best Free CDN services available in the market with  trial CDNs too:

Best Free CDN Services That You May Use:


incapsula cdn logo

Incapsula CDN provides excellent delivery from the cloud with many features such as Global CDN, Website Security, DDoS Protection and many more. You may opt for free version by filling simple form and set up incapsula through 5 minutes procedure of changing DNS from your web hosting provider.

Incapsula reduces page load time. It reduces server load: instead of adding more servers and buying more load balancers, Incapsula can dramatically reduce the number of hits to your site. Incapsula reduces bandwidth consumption by caching your website’s content and serving it fastly.

Here ourself, we are using Incapsula CDN and it's lot better than any other available as they do what they offer in Free program.


cloudflare cdn logo

WordPress users are very friendly about Cloudflare's free CDN. With multiple data centers, they are super-charging every site from their networks. After signing in to Cloudflare, there is simple process of DNS changing/pointing and so you may enjoy cloudflare easily.

We tried Cloudflare in the starting of our blog and it was acting good but don't know later on it made our site loading slow and also we got some problems too.


coralcdn cdn logo

CoralCDN is simple, peer-to-peer (P2P) based CDN which is free to use. By simply appending ‘’ to the last of URL, you may use it! Like if you are surfing “” and to serve Sysberto through CoralCDN’s servers I would just append ‘’ at the last of URL (

CoralCDN is oldest and having number of servers located globally and you may use it for free. As per our usage and suggestions CoralCDN may act sometimes slow too.


swarmcdn logo

This is also a peer-to-peer(P2P) based content delivery network that offers 100 GB of bandwidth in their free plan. Also there is a plan for commercial use too known as Professional Plan but it's not yet initiated by SwarmCDN. Installation of SwarmCDN is very easy as if you are a wordpress user then just install a plugin and you are ready to use it.

SwarmCDN offers you:

  • Swarm Video and Images For 20 Simultaneous Users
  • Customize your video
  • Free WordPress Plugin
  • Real-Time Statistics

5)Photon by Jetpack(WordPress):

photon wp cdn logo

All the WordPress users who are using Jetpack, may try simple, free and fast CDN right from their Jetpack's panel. There is an option to turn on Photon that gives your site a boost by loading images from the CDN.

We tried photon too and got to know that it takes much time to serve images for first time but later on it works great!


jsdelivr cdn logo

As title suggests, jsDelivr is free public CDN service sponsored by MaxCDN and which can be used to host your javascripts(JS). jsDelivr's free wordpress plugin is available to try it in simple steps and jsDelivr is a free CDN where any web developer can host their files, including CSS, fonts, JavaScript, jQuery plugins, etc.

There is plus point here about jsDelivr that all CDNs can go down but this is not the case with jsDelivr because they use 2 CDN providers i.e, if any of them goes down all traffic automatically will be switched to the remaining operational CDN.
jsDelivr is the only public CDN to use multiple providers which makes it the most reliable of them all.

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Free Trial CDNs To Try Out:

1) cdn logo is best CDN to try as they offers 1TB free CDN Bandwidth for 30 Days without asking you any credit card. Also is one of the sponsors of jsDelivr CDN service that what we described in above paragraph. We ourself tried it and we liked their following facts:

a)Local Fast Delivery: With 2,000+ clouds delivering the content in 78 countries, they have greater reach than any other CDN! Choose the locations you want or tell them what you need and they will bring it online.

b)Customised Pricing: Unlike other CDN service providers, allows you to choose locations, performance you need, that will be perfect for your site. In simple wording: Just pay for what you use.

c)Simple & Fast Integration: As like others, offers simple 5 minutes of tutorial about integrating with your site. Also their service support is too good offering you advanced reports and analytics that includes location wise content delivery and many other things.

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EdgeCast's Free CDN Trial Account is customized to your business needs/requirements. Here and other notable companies are powered by EdgeCast who offers a trial package to try their CDN.


MetaCDN is another choice if you want to try any new CDN who offers 14-day trial with access to all the features, premium support and without any credit card signup.


HighWinds offers free trial CDN plan which consists of limited 20 TB of CDN transfer and 10 GB of CDN storage with access to all features including true real-time analytics too.


Internap offers a 30 day trial which includes features like live event broadcasting, advanced analytics, Mobile Delivery, on-demand video encoding and streaming and etc.


CDN77 provides 14-day credit card free trial which gives full access to all the features and premium help support too. Features CDN77 provides are:

  • Global Website Acceleration
  • Software Delivery
  • Video Delivery
  • Live Streaming


Using CDN will ultimately lower down your site's loading time but you too try to optimise your site with proper management of CSS, Scripts, and all things. You may use Incapsula or Any Other Free CDN from above list and also we will suggest that if your site is having too much traffic and you want to serve your site in better way then you should try out MaxCDN and too as they offers excellent CDN Service with affordable plans and also other CDN supports “Pay as you use” plan i.e, customised plan as per your requirement.

So, which CDN you using right now?


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