For Starting Self  Blog,we may use Blogger but due to some limitations of Themes and SEO related things, WordPress is Preferred.Even We may use Services from Wordpress with their Sub-Domain names but that looks weird and If you want to make any E-commerce or simple website we still need hosting after Purchasing Domain.

WebHosting should be Choosed Wisely with Good Number Of Features.If you see the Types of WebHosting,There are 2 types of Hostings Currently as:

1. Linux Hosting

2.Windows Hosting

Now at first attempt  you will be confused what to choose,so here is the Comprehensive Guide from Sysberto:

linux web hosting

Linux Web Hosting:

This is Linux Operating System based Web Hosting, where Linux is the most Used Operating system in many applications.

Linux Hosting Still Popular After Introducing Windows Hosting. 

Main Advantages:

Don't think that Linux means lot of coding work because Linux Web Hosting have GUI based Interface.

Linux have Multi-Language Support including PHP,Ruby,Pearl,Pyhton,Rails and many more.

The Costing of Linux Web Hosting is Cheaper than Windows Hosting,so you can Start your Business or Blog in Lower Cost.

Linux comes with many Versions that are used for Different Types of Hostings like VPS, Dedicated, Shared.


The Linux Hosting lacks of ASP and .NET support which is needed for some of the applications but it is needed for many high end applications so we may skip this and Try Linux Host Anytime.

windows web hosting

Windows Web hosting

As Like Windows GUI based OS got Much Great Response,Windows Web Hosting too getting popular now-a-days.

If you thinking that like Windows OS GUI,you will be getting much similar interface,then Remember that you will get GUI based Interface but it will be different rather than ordinary OS interface.It will be having  Separate FTP and Web Interface.

Main Advantages :

The Main Benefit of  Windows Hosting is that it it supports ASP and .NET  scripts,which are are very useful and powerful and Continuously increasing very fast in Internet.


Cost of Windows based Web Hosting is Higher than Linux Web Hosting and Also Availability of Hosting packages are also less by Different Companies.

If we talk about Similarity of Features then Both have Same Feature | Better Stability | GUI Based Web Interface.

End Words:

Now With Above Info,Your Doubts may be cleared and You may choose appropriate Hosting based on your needs and Remember that  learning curve required to manage your Linux Web Hosting as Small Mistake may ruin your Website/Blog.

So,What you thinking to get ? Still Any Doubts,Comment Below.

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