Google has become well known for the easter eggs that adds to its products and services. These easter eggs are nothing but just hidden gems that make us laugh made by Google’s engineers. We can observe other easter eggs like in Windows or any other products but Google is the king of these easter eggs!

Here are some Google's craziest easter eggs you will love to see:

Here is the video made by us showing different easter eggs from Google:

Play Atari Breakout in Google Images:

Want to play Atari Breakout online with number of images? then just go to Google Image Search and search for “atari breakout” and you will be able to play it!

Define Anagram:

If you googleanagram then you will get to see “Did you mean: nag a ram.” in which words are jumbled to form correct words!
Also after searching for define anagram it shows “nerd fame again?”

Tilt & Askew:

Want to tilt your google search or want to prank someone? then this is another awesome easter egg which will tilt your search rightside down! Just search “Tilt” or “Askew”


This is somewhat crazy as even if you put the correct spelling of “Recursion” in google search, it will show “Did you mean:recursion?” where spelling is correct but it's prank done by google!

The Bacon Number:

The Bacon Number is a related to long lasting Hollywood gag in which it stems from theory of the “six degrees of separation”  that any two people in the world are six or fewer links apart.
For celebrities, there’s a “Bacon Number” to suggest that any celebrity is six or fewer links apart from Kevin Bacon, presumably because he has acted in many movies with different casts. So Whenever you want to know bacon number of any celebrity then search as “Bacon Number” followed by an actor or celebrity’s name and Google will tell you their Bacon Number.

for e.g: bacon number leonardo dicaprio

Google Calculator Pranks:

I think many of us knowing Google calculator as it's simple to use and having more number of functions as well. There are few tricks related to that calculator too such as: if you searched “What's The Loneliest Number” then you will get answer as “1” in google calculator.

Not only this but there are other pranks too like searching for “the answer to life, the universe and everything” delivers the number 42 as a reference to The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy,and the phrase “once in a blue moon” will give you an equation for that event.

You can also have some fun with the following phrases like “a bakers dozen“, “the loneliest number” and “the number of horns on a unicorn.”

Youtube's Harlem Shake:

Day by day, people uploading their own videos on different activities and also last year, the harlem shake gone viral so Google decided to get in that act too and so whenever you search for “do the harlem shake” in youtube, you will be amazed after you hit enter!

Old Google in 1998:

Google was founded back in 1998 and with very simple graphics with big fat logo!
If you want to see that look, just search “Google in 1998” and you will be landed to that old Google page.

Do a barrel roll:

Typing “do a barrel roll” into google search box will make the page rotate 360 degrees!

Zerg Rush:

Search for “zerg rush” and you’ll trigger a simplified example of a zerg rush, if you don't know what a zerg rush means then here it's all about it : a tactic originated in the video game Starcraft that involves swarming a low-level or poorly equipped group against an opposing group in the hope that sheer numbers will overwhelm the enemy.

Conway’s game of life:

Conway’s “game” is simple and nothing to do as you just needed to create an initial configuration of cells make it live, and watch it evolve, with no further interaction! The simulation has been widely used in many areas of computer science research which was based on British mathematician John Horton Conway's one of the first computer simulations of “life,” allowing observation of various stages of “evolution” of cells as they interact with one another over time.

Google's Android Easter Eggs:

If you are having an android phone then there is one easter egg in your phone put by google, to access it, just go to :

Settings>>About Device>>Android Version

Tapping that option repeatedly will unlock it's first view and when you keep pressing it for couple of seconds, it will show you a game as per your android version.

Third-Party Google Easter Eggs:

The above ones are somewhat official easter eggs from google but there are some other people who created some good easter eggs as:

Google gravity: collapses the Google home page as if it were caught in a black hole.
Google sphere: Search with Google sphere!
Epic Google: Google get's big after every second!

So,have you enjoyed this article ? and may be there exists many other easter egg pranks which are not mentioned here but you can suggest us by commenting below !


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