google i/0 2013

google i/0 2013

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Google I/O Completed its Day-1 and Here it is All The Announcements Done At Developer Conference:

Google Told About Android That 900 Million Android Activations done Total with 48 Billion Apps Downloaded alongwith 2.5 Billion Apps are installed Every Month.

Google's New App Translation Service lets Developers Translate Their Apps without any hassle which is Much Easier and Faster.

For Developing Only Android, Google Announced Android Studio IDE, In Which Eclipse has been replaced with Android Studio.

Google Has Done New API and New Things for Android Gamers,Such As Saving Data over the Cloud,Multiplayer gaming with Leaderboards created on Google+.

Google Cloud Messaging(GCM) supports persistent connections, upstream messaging, and notification sync and have been integrated with Play Store.

Google Soon Starting To Sell Galaxy S4 with Stock Android(AOSP) For $649 on June 26.

Google have updated Google Music app with New Music Streaming Service.This service will cost $9.99 per month, or $7.99 if you take a subscription by June 30. There is also a free 30-day trial period included.

Google Play For Education,i.e., Google EduApps For Young Children with many features.

All attendees Morning’s keynote were told they would be receiving a free Chromebook Pixel !

Google+ is getting 41 new features affecting the Stream, Hangouts and Photos sections also the UI Of Google+ is gonna changed.

Google has Also given importance to Photo Service as,new features were announced for photos on Google+,now get 15GB free storage for full-size pictures, as well as unlimited space for standard resolution images,An Auto Highlight feature will automatically decide which of your pictures are the best and put them at the forefront.

Google have Showed New Generation Google Maps for iOS and Android,including iPad App.

Alongwith This all Google shown Glass featuring how it works and How it can be Rooted too !

For more Updates, Stay Tuned With Us!


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