google glass

   As Google is Continuously Working on Many Modern Gadgets like Talking Shoe and Techno-Glass

Glass Have been Shown in Action in Demo by Timothy Jordon.
           Google showed at South by South West SXSW, apps, audio and gesture control for Google Glass, held in Austin this week.
A senior developer advocate at Google, Timothy Jordan, demonstrated how the computerized eye glasses work during one of the workshops at the show. One person in the audience filmed it all, so we can watch what took place! From what we can tell this is the first public look at the Google Glass Mirror API, the main interface between Google Glass, Google’s servers and the apps that developers will write for them.

     Google Glass is still in development, but it looks pretty cool. Being able to send email, take photos, post to Google+ and hear a translation all from something that you wear on your head.Right now developers can get a pair of Google Glasses for $1,500 (81412.50 Indian Rupee) and will have to pay to attend a special “pick-up experience” in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles. No word on what the street price will be just yet or when tehy will be available.

Following Videos From SXSW :


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