We often need to setup Wifi hotspot for different purposes like setting up different devices with Highspeed 3G Internet connection on different devices. I think many of us using different applications to share their Internet either from LAN or any 3G/4G Dongle with their other devices via Wifi hotspot.

Currently, there are several easy apps that helps you to share your internet connection via wifi with others, for e.g, Connectify, Wifi Hotspot Creator, etc. But they offers very few feature set and asks for PRO subscription for setting up hotspot via 3G/4G dongle and that makes sometimes difficult to setup things. So,now you may setup your own wifi hotspot on Windows OS without any app and by doing some Commandline operations on your CMD(Command Prompt) directly with this how-to guide.

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GIF Tutorial :

gif tutorial on wifi cmd setup

Here is the step-by-step guide about how to do it and also we have included GIF Image tutorial for better understanding too.
So,let us start to turn your windows pc into a hotspot now.

1)First of all open RUN box either by searching or shortcut key: “Win+R”

2)Enter “netcpl.cpl” to open Network and sharing settings panel.

3)Select your Wifi network and right click on it>> Click on Properties and get in “Sharing” Tab with selecting “Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet Connection” with selecting the connection which you want to share.

NOTE: Untick the second option as per shown in GIF tutorial.

4)Now we will setup Wifi access point with the help of Command Prompt, you will need Admin privileges to execute the commands.

Open Command Prompt by combination of keys “Start+X” then select “Command Prompt(Admin)

5)Now you will have to execute following sequence of commands to get it worked out.

a]Execute following command by copy pasting or by typing in CMD (Here SSID=”Your APN Name” key=”Password Authentication”)

” netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=”Sysberto_CMD” key=”Pass1234” “

b]After executing above command, you will get output as “The hosted network mode has been set to allow”

Then now you will have to Start your APN by executing following command:

” netsh wlan start hostednetwork “

c]Now in above setup we have setup and started our own Hotspot, now if you want to know detailed statistics of your hotspot then you may execute following command to get info about it

” netsh wlan show hostednetwork “

So, this was the detailed guide on how to setup hotspot on windows operating system without any app or software requirement.
You may still use other apps to setup hotspot for if you don't like this but we shared this method as many of us are not aware of this.


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