Here we sharing old but working trick on all versions of Windows operating systems where you may create a folder or a file without any name i.e, totally blank. This trick is successfully working with all types of files and folders creation on Windows OS.

Just follow the steps:

1.Choose the file or folder else create newer one. By default, it will be set as “New Folder” or “New ***File”.

2.Now Press F2 to rename it.

3.Do perform ALT+0160 (Numpad) combination at that time and you will get single empty space,then hit enter to set it as folder with “Space”

4.If you want to make it without any spaces then simply remove the spaces from it and hit Enter.

Also we shown in the following GIF on how it works:

nameless files gif

Finally, you will have your own nameless folders where you may delete them simply by Shift+Delete(Permanent Delete)

If you have any other good trick about Windows then you may share it in comments.