After long time, we are back with some regular stuff like related to Windows OS and other platforms. We recently posted the review on Ditto Note 3 ROM made for Samsung Galaxy Note II device with video review too where v3 version based on latest official MK4 firmware is out by Team Electron.

So, today's topic is :Ways to Find Date & Time When Windows Was Installed, we are giving some general ways/tricks that can be used to find date & time when you installed your Windows OS. Tricks are simple to do as there is no much complexity in it and we mentioned only 2 tricks that are easy to do.

1)Windows Users Folder:

So, this is simplest and easiest method that can be done to find when you setup your computer i.e, you installed Windows operating system.

Things to do:

windows installation date explorer

Open “My Computer” Or “Computer” Or “This PC” as per your windows version as MS had changed Windows Explorer's name in each version where currently, in Windows 8.1 it is termed as “This PC”.

Then go to C:/ Drive usually where your Windows installation is done and then you will see “Users” folder, get in that folder where you will see different user account directories, from that you should right click on that folder like we have “Pavan Jadhav” and then under properties you may see “Created: Date and Time”

2)Command Prompt Method:

windows installation date command

First method is simple to do but if you want to access it via command prompt(CMD) then also with simple command input you may access your installation date.

For doing this, just input following command in “Command Prompt” either by copy paste or by typing it.

systeminfo | find /i “date”

So, this was the simplest and short tutorial on finding the installation date and time of Windows OS.


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