May be today I am publishing very common thing in personalization or customization of android as this related to Lock Screen but this

time we are using stock or any lockscreen with notifications shown over that lockscreen.

Roymam developed a notification app called “NiLS Notification Lock Screen” which is working fine on android v4.2 but may work on
v4.0/4.1 too if you have installed WidgetLocker app.

Key Features of NiLS:

nils notification app

  • Built-in NiLS 4.2 styled clock showing date and next alarm too
  • All types of notifications including SMS, e-mails, whatsapp chats,etc.
  • You have control on total customization with size of clock, notifications size, text color, background, and many features as per displayed under Appearance settings tab after you activate and puts a lockscreen widget of NiLS app.

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How to setup it:

  • First of all install but app itself will not get activated as you need to activate its service from accessibility menu
  • as per shown below.
  • nils notification setup
  • After turning ON service, you may able to setup NiLS widget as you set widget on home screen from locking your device and then add NiLS widget on lockscreen. [if you have Samsung device running Android v4.2.2 then you should enable Multiple Lockscreen Widgets under Lockscreen Settings]

Overall App Rating : 4.3

There is detailed FAQ about app responses and things cleared out such as:

Why do You get a warning saying that NiLS app collects your passwords and credit card numbers?

As per developer this is a standard Android warning for every accessibility service, but you have nothing to worry about – this app does not do anything evil, it’s open-source and you can browse the code yourself to see it. It even does not have internet permissions, so it can’t send data anywhere.

Why do the notifications not cleared from the status bar when I clear it from the widget?

Unfortunately Android less than 4.3 doesn’t allow apps to clear notifications of other apps.

Our Opinion:

After trying this app on our Samsung Device running v4.2.2, we may confirm that this app works bestfit for filling the ugly looking gap under your lockscreen clock and other things. As Per mentioned, you have full rights to customize it appearance as you want.

This will surely fill up all your empty space between your lockscreens clock and other widgets.


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