For PC gamers, WASD is something that leads to no end of debate. WASD stands for the letters of the keyboard keys used by PC gamers to control movement, while the other hand controls the mouse. For many PC gamers the WASD system is the preferred choice. However, for others – especially those who are used to playing on a controller and are making a switch to PC gaming – it is can be very awkward.

So what alternatives are available for PC gamers who want to use a control pad rather than WASD?

Classic Controllers

For many gamers, controllers provide a more natural way to play games. This is especially true for people moving from console gaming to PC gaming. Many people find that using a keyboard is difficult and can even lead to problems such as repetitive strain injury.

For these gamers, classic controllers are available on the market in the style of Xbox and PlayStation controllers. These are more familiar, but they also come with a problem. One of the advantages of using a mouse in PC gaming is that it provides far greater accuracy than a controller. So while a controller may be more comfortable for some gamers, the mouse wins out when it comes to accuracy.

A New Development: ‘Sinister'

Whether you buy the latest games for your PC, or find and download  games authorized by the rights holders for free distribution online using software like Vuze, you will probably have a preference for either the WASD system or a controller. If you want to play games on PC and enjoy the accuracy of a mouse but without having to rely on WASD, you may be interested to hear about a new development called Sinister from Tivitas, a company based in Toronto.

Sinister is a fully customisable one-handed controller that will allow PC gamers to carry on using the mouse while not having to rely on WASD to control movement. It can be customised to various configurations, allowing gamers to either use it as a directional pad or an analog stick, and it comes with a pad that provides HD haptic feedback.

A Kickstarter project has been launched for the device, so whether it ever comes to market will depend upon the company's success at raising funds. Still, it provides an exciting look into the possibilities for the future of PC gaming.

Going Beyond Touch

The Sinister device is not the only innovation for controlling PC gaming. At CES 2014, Tobii Technology and SteelSeries announced its EyeX Dev Kit. This will allow developers to create video games that can take advantage of eye-tracking hardware that Tobii plans to release during the year.


This will allow gamers to use their eyes to control certain aspects of games with a high degree of precision rather than using their hands. If it catches on, it could have enormous implications for PC gaming in terms of interacting with characters in games.

WASD or Controller: The Choice is Yours

Many alternatives exist for PC gamers who do not want to use WASD and instead want to use a controller. With new developments such as Tivitas, they could even soon be able to enjoy the same accuracy as using a mouse, but without the inconvenience of WASD. If you are new to PC gaming, try experimenting with various options until you find the right one for you.

John Kyser's gaming passion keeps him ever searching for the revolutionary and creative. He often researches new tech and trends in the gaming industry and shares his discoveries with others on game and entertainment blogs.


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