Game on! : Top 5 Android Games of The Week

top android games of the week

Android never disappoints us in the gaming segment. There's a game for everyphone, be it a low end phone from Nokia or a high-end flagship from Samsung or HTC. This week we have our focus on games for high-end devices with superior graphics and games with a different approach. The games in our list today are paid ones but we assure that every penny that you spend on these games is worth it. Here we suggested Top 5 Android Games of The Week that you will love to play them on your phone.

1. Riptide GP2



This game on our list is one of the most graphic intensive games that you might come across on the Google Play Store. With solid graphics, and stunning gameplay; Riptide is a great game which is worth paying for. With multi-player features, vehicle upgrades, unlockable stunts and career mode, the game gives an intense mobile gaming experience. If you own an Android device running Android version 2.3 and up, then this game is worth trying.

Download Riptide GP 2

2. Need For Speed Most Wanted

Extreme! The one word that we say when we hear NFS MW. Initially when the game was released on the Play Store, there was a limited compatibility. But soon EA got it to work on almost all mid-range devices. Though the game is a little too big but it does satisfy our desires of playing a computer racing game on mobile phone. You can drive, customize and modify cars and earn cars as you make it towards the top in the Most Wanted list. There are numerous cars used, some of them are SRT Viper GTS, Porsche 911 Carrera S, Hummer H1 Alpha, and many more. This game catches our attention because of two reasons, one graphics and two : one of the best career modes in a mobile game. Watch the tyres burn, cars crash with realistic full-car damage and no-brake street races.

Download NFS Most Wanted

3. Modern Combat 4

This is the #1 First-Person Shooter Game currently available in the Google Play Store, push your phone to its limits with this game.  It features a great FPS gaming experience, with multiplayer mode they've made it much better. With dozens of levels, weapon upgrades and a dramatic story line you can play this game for hours and hours continuously. This game does have a few hardware requirements, the minimum hardware requirements to play Modern Combat 4:

– 1 GHz CPU
– 512 MB RAM
– Adreno 205 GPU or equivalent
– Available storage: 1.9 GB

Download Modern Combat 4

4. Real Boxing

 real boxing

Ever remember playing WWE on PlayStation? This game gives you just that on your mobile phone. With about 30 opponents and 3D graphics you will dive deep into this game. Oh and yes, the game sounds are great too. Connect your phone to speakers or headphones to feel the high. Within the game, you can customise your fighter’s appearance: hairstyle, skin colour, tattoos and clothing. Look awesome and boost your skills using the exclusive and stylish PunchTown Pack. This game too works in multiplayer mode, so give your friends a tough competition and play along.

Download Real Boxing

5. Max Payne Mobile

max payne

The award winning game from Rockstar is available on the Google Play Store, not talking much about the graphics and story line here because we already know how great the graphics have been. The groundbreaking original cinematic action-shooter, Max Payne introduced the concept of Bullet Time® in videogames. Its a slow motion gun-play feature. Also, the game has been optimised for NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 quad-core mobile processor. In the game, you can customize the controls according to your comfort and then play the game. This is a great game with great storyline and graphics but if you're thinking of saving a penny, you might skip this game.

Download Max Payne Mobile

Final Words:

Feel free to post your thoughts about these games and let us know about your Top 5 Android Games here in the comments section below or on our twitter or fan page with #gameon. These are few spectacular games we played and we will suggest you too to try them all!!

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